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Doing the crown, why do some docs scare away from it?

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I have noticed that some FUE docs scare away from doing the crown on patients when there is just mild thinning. While others are prepared to do the whole head. What is the reasoning behind this?

I did a few online consultations and some docs said they wouldn't touch my crown yet, while a few actively suggested it. Is it more about their own confidence in working that area or is there other logic at work?

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I think the issue has more to do with the finite nature of follicular unit grafts than it has to do with confidence or experience working in the crown. Many physicians feel like the crown "eats" up a lot of precious grafts without offering a dramatic cosmetic difference - when compared to the hairline, temples, or frontal/mid-scalp - in return. However, if you are intent on restoring the crown, there shouldn't be a reason why it can't be done. Just make sure to discuss the plan thoroughly with your doctor and figure out the best way to utilize your limited number of grafts.


Good luck!

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