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The 2000 grafts that changed my life , performed by Dr.John Diep

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Hello all,

I always wanted to share my experience on this forum but has been delaying this, now I decided to share with you all my personal experience as a gratitude to this forum that helped me earlier during my research last year.


First of all , I am 26 years old now , started losing hair at the age of 20 , at the age of 25 , I was completely bold and this made me really sad! Being bold at this age is tough! No one will understand this unless you went through this experience, I decided to go for the surgery and did a tremendous research for almost 2 years! I finally decided to go for the FUE with Dr.Diep since he specializes in curly hair like my hair , and since he was the only one I felt positive when I did the consultation with! Unlike other surgeons where I felt they wanted to push me into the surgery no matter what!


My surgery date was 5th-December-2012 in Los Gatos , San Jose , at Dr.Diep clinic, everything was excellent! They even prepared me breakfast since I didn't have one at home! that was the first great thing I received from them . Second , my payment card didn't work for some reason , so I had to contact my bank in Canada just prior to the surgery which worried me at first . I could not get them to make my visa work.


All in a sudden , I felt horrible that after traveling all this distance from Canada and taking time off work and dreaming of this surgery , I cant pay for it! I promised Dr.Diep that I will do a wire transfer from Canada, I would let a friend do it for me! Dr.Diep didn't hesitate a second and performed the surgery on me while there was no payment yet!


This cant be found anywhere else! this amount of trust and confidence proves that Dr.Diep clinic are really professional and trust what they are doing , and trust their patients! The payment was received fully to his clinic maybe 3 days after the surgery.


Talking about the actual surgery , it went smooth , I didn't feel pain at all , I enjoyed it so much! All the staff and hair technicians were friendly! Dr.Diep has a good sense of humor , he kept me laughing all through the 8 hours surgery , he was giving jokes and very entertaining , on the same time he was doing his job in an excellent way.


After the surgery , they did their due diligence and washed my head for the first few days , I went back home and the waiting game began. Here is the summary to what I have faced in brief :


1-2 months after the surgery : Excitement

2-4 months : Felt bored and started suspecting the results of the surgery

4-7 months : I almost felt that the surgery has failed and the results disappointed me a lot

7-10: My hair line looked ugly and started to believe more that I wasted my money on this surgery

10-12 months: Started to see results and started to feel much better and was so happy whenever a friend tells me " you look younger " , what did you do to your hair! .



Overall , I am so happy with the results so far , I will definitely go back to Dr.Diep to do the rest 1500 grafts for the top area and re-enforcing the hairline! I cant wait!


I attached all the monthly pictures of my progress , and before pictures and after ( one year).


I highly recommend Dr.Diep for anyone who looks for quality and honesty and has a curly hair especially!

my hair transplant.pdf

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So glad to hear about your experience! Congratulations!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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Awesome post! I am almost sure I want to get an FUE by Dr. Diep. Ive watched tons of his videos. Do you mind sharing how much each graft was or the total you spent?


I am so curious to know. I would love the surgery but afraid of the damage (cost). I know it will feel tons of confidence though!



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When did you start and stop shedding?

4066 FUE Grafts with Dr Bhatti, India 9&10 Jan 2014


For my pics and thread click the link:http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/173658-4066-fue-grafts-dr-bhatti-india-restoring-more-than-just-hair.html

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