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Continue Minoxidil when using Finasteride?


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This is my first post, but I have read a good deal on this site (long time listener, first time caller).


I have been using Minoxidyl (Spectral DNC) for years. I apply it usually twice per day. I don't think I have had any hair regrowth, but I don't know if it has stopped any loss. I also use Revita shampoo every day.


I recently had a 1700 graft FUE surgery with Dr. DiStefano in Worcester in September. I also started using 1mg Finasteride 2 weeks before the procedure. I am now using 1.25mg Finasteride (quartering 5mg Proscar) daily. In my opinon I have had very good results from the Finasteride in the short time I have been on it. The transplanted hair is just starting to sprout now so I think I will be happy in the long run.


My question is; if I am using Finasteride and had the FUE surgery, is there any reason to keep using the Minoxidyl after my supply is all used up? If the finasteride is a much more potent DHT blocker (inhibitior), is there any reason to continue the Minoxidl treatment?

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Good question! Though the article below is in response to a different question, I think you'll find the answer fitting for this topic as well.


Should I Wait for Hair Loss Treatment Propecia (Finasteride) to Lose Its Effectiveness before Starting Rogaine (Minoxidil)?

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@JasonrussoHello, i read your review on Dr. Distefano. I was wondering if I could ask you to connect with me to have more converastions about your experiences with Dr. Distefano. I'm not even sure if you are checking this message board anymore or get a notification - but I'd greatly appreciate your message once you see this message. I'm someone who is seriously considering him and given that there isn't much information about him, it's been challenging to make the decision. Thank you so much! 

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