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FUE Treatment - India or UK

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I am looking to get a 4000 grafts FUE Treatment done and am trying to decide between weather to get the procedure done in India or UK. It seems that the cost in India is a lot cheaper and there are lots of doctors, however, I really wonder, if it would be a "false economy".


I also wonder if there is a significant difference in quality and pricing between UK Doctors and say doctors in other countries like the pro hair clinic in belgium?


I believe one of the tings with this procedure is that the skill of the doctor makes a huge difference as well as the attention to detail/precision and this latter is an area where I am quote worried about with going with India, as I get the impression that (probably due to the sheer volume of patients) the doctors might not be so detail oriented and results could end up being "significantly different". I would love to have your thoughts on this as well as the potential cost differences?



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I went with Ziering uk. Wasn't that impressed but the grafts did grow. I had another Ht done by them as I couldn't get decent coverage in one pass.

I have to say though they done a good job recreating the whorl pattern on my crown.

Pricing was ?2.50 per graft.

In Turkey the price for FUE was approx ?2000 for 2000 grafts. Massive price difference but the work looks excellent !

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