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Scheduled with Dr. Gabel!!

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So over the last couple months, I had done consults with doctors in the Seattle area where I live and didn't really like what I had found , esp when talking to people on here. The Bosley surgeon was rather annoying (didn't like his attitude), the guy in Bellevue (Stern) did other things besides hair and didn't seem very experienced, and the guy in Kirkland (Goertz) seemed a little too desperate for me to choose him and after talking to people on here, he actually had a bad rep.


I had previously discounted Dr. Gabel in Oregon because he only does surgery down there and comes up to Seattle for consults periodically. After hearing good things about him on this forum, I decided to skype with him and then meet with him in person when he came up this last week.


So I scheduled. January 2nd. Way to start the new year eh? ;)


Looks like it'll be 1200-1400 grafts to fill in the corners of my hairline.

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You're going to be really happy and look awesome! Be sure and take some before/after pics - even if not to show online (if you're shy, but don't worry, this is the last place you'll run into any judgment), then just for yourself so you can see the difference later and be like, "SO worth it :)"


Are you excited?

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