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Transplanted hair grown long

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Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone knows how transplanted hair would look if grown really long? I've always had long hair ever since I was 14 and discovered the rock scene (I'm 36 now) and if I was to get a transplant I'd actually welcome the chance to have short hair for a bit for a change but I'd eventually want to grow it quite long again and I'm curious as to how it might sit because the hair from the back and sides of my head are quite wavy compared to the top and front.


I'm only a NW 2/3 at best and long hair keeps the deep receding quite well hidden when tucked behind my ears (my one and only hairstyle) but if I were to let it hang loose with transplanted hair I'm wondering if it might look a little strange.


If you want a reference my hair is down to about just above my nips! :)



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