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Thoughts On Whether Proscar Stopped Working?


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Hi, I'm 27 years old. About 18 months ago suddenly noticed loads of hair falling out when I ran my hand through my head or ws in the shower and I was starting to recede faster, so after a few months of this I started taking proscar, a quarter of a pill every 2 days. After a few months I upped the dosage to a fifth of a pill every day. I continued to lose hair at a similar rate, until about 5 months in when I suddenly stopped losing hair. This was brilliant, but only lasted for a few months, and then I started losing hair again except this time it was all over my head (previously I never felt any hair going from my scalp). I have now been on proscar for about 13/14 months and I'm unsure whether it will start working like it did again or whether the 3 months or so is all it worked for and I should drop proscar and try something else! I've now been losing hair again for about 7 months!


Has anyone had any similar experiences? Was the pause in my hair loss my body naturally pausing before pressing on with more hair loss, or was it likely that the proscar was working? If it was the proscar working, is it likely to start working again or should I start on something else?


Any advice orthoughts welcome please!

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