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Hows everyone who went to Maral 2013? George, KKK, Saq, llvllud, Kimi, Ash, ABC, Tobe


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Hi guys,


How's everyone who went to the Maral Clinic, Istanbul in 2013 for a Fue HT doing?


GeorgeUK, KKK, Saq, llvlludassar, Kimi, Ash1975, Abcd0000, Tobehairy (sorry if I've missed you out)


It will be 12 months for me since my op on the 16th of December! Can't believe it's been a year!




UK43 :P

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Hi UK43,


Thanks for the note. It's almost four months for me and some hair already grew and some new one is growing, I wanted to wait for a while and update photos where a real change can be seen :).


Btw, I've seen your 11 month update, looks good in my opinion and I've realized you've cut it off a bit and I think it looks better when it's a bit longer :).


Cheers mate.

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