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VIto C. Quatela, MD-70-year-old male patient

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This 70- year -old male patient came to us seeking hair restoration to fill in the balding area on the top of his head. The patient underwent a scalp reduction, followed by scar revision. A total of 4,000 grafts were placed over the course of two sessions of FUT. The composition of the grafts during the transplants averaged 47% single hair grafts, 43% two hair grafts, and 10% three hair grafts. Using the stick and place method, an irregular frontal hairline was created during the first procedure using single hair grafts. The anterior forelock was filled in using two and three hair grafts. During the subsequent procedure, attention was drawn to the crown where the greatest density of hair was placed, followed by reinforcement of the central forelock to create a fuller appearance. The patient was very pleased with his results.






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