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Any Dr Hakan Doganay Patients or anyone who has had surgey in Turkey

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I have decided to have my procedure with Dr Hakan Doganay.


I have been asked to pay a deposit in EUROS or British Pound Sterling via bank transfer however I am struggling as Turkey is not within the Single European Payment Area .


I have been informed by the company I use for money transfers I can only make a bank transfer into Turkish Lira.


I have checked with another company that makes international money transfers and they inform me of the same.


So to anyone who has had a procedure or anyone who is about and has paid their depsoit how did you pay and who did you use to make the transfer?

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surely a confirmation on a plane ticket would be enough to satisfy a clinic that you're going, id ask them if you can do that

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I have mine coming up in Jan. I only needed to show the plane ticket. Also the clinic wants payment in cash which I will be bringing on me during my travels

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I have approached three companies that handle international money transfers. Each one of them informed me the same, they can only transfer Turkish Lira in the said account that was provided.


I have taken on board your comments and will go back with an alternative solution based on your replies.


Very much appreciate your time and effort : )

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