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update patient number five

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Hair transplant after one and two sessions.

Total grafts: 3700

Strip Harvest



65 year male who had 2300 grafts with strip harvest in 2011. His result was first posted 7 months after procedure. He had a second grafts session a year later with the donor harvest including the old scar. He is now 2 years after his first procedure and one year after his second one (see the comparison views) The new donor scar is as good as the original one. the benifit of a second graft session is shown. The last 5 pictures show his present appearence including his present, twice harvested, donor scar.









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Nice work. The last picture is misleading (scar pic). The comb is not revealing the scar unless you just performed the best FUT scar in the history of the field. I believe I can see the scar about one inch below where the hair that is combed up is and it looks good, but I recommended combing the hair up that is covering the scar so that people can see the width of the scar.


Anyway, looks like a subtle, but pleasing improvement.

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