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Blake Bloxham

Hair Transplant Patient of the Week: Paulygon's 2,710 Graft FUSS with Dr. Mohebi

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This week's Hair Transplant Patient of the Week is Paulygon, who underwent a 2,710 graft Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) with Dr. Mohebi.


By age 16, Paulygon first started to notice the signs of hair loss. Though he tried to deny the thinning for a number of years, he finally accepted his androgenic alopecia by age 21. For years, he dealt with the hair loss until experiencing an epiphany at age 30: He knew hair transplantation would allow him to reverse the hair loss; he believed he would be a good candidate; he had the means to undergo a procedure; so why not seek restorative surgery?


The next step was finding a quality surgeon. After conducting appropriate research, Paulygon found Dr. Mohebi and booked a "strip" surgery in October 2012. According to Paulygon, Dr. Mohebi did an "excellent" job with the procedure, and after reviewing his 12 month update, I definitely agree!


To see Paulygon's highly impressive 1 year update, please see the following: From Bald to Not - 2,710 Grafts with Dr. Mohebi.


Please join me in congratulating Paulygon on his fantastic restoration!

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Hey guys,


I'm sorry for the delay in posting- it has been a hectic week. Thanks all, for the recognition and kind words.


I have to say, that the most important factor in having the 'incredible transformation' is the education/information that was available to me. Using the forums, listening to radio shows about hair loss, allowed me to make an informed decision on getting the procedure. I had actually seen posts regarding Dr. Parsa Mohebi's approval status by Hair Transplant Network and that was an important selection criteria. In talking with Dr. Mohebi, I could tell he knew his stuff.. and he was not in it just for the money. He took an interest in me as a person and genuinely cared about giving me a hair transplant that I would be happy with in the long-term. I liked that Dr. Mohebi spent the time to discuss my history and expectations, and then had an interesting way of designing a strategy for my hair restoration.. all while brainstorming with me, ie. taking in my feeback, calibrating his design based on my inputs. For example, the first hairline he made (with a black colored stencil) on my forehead, my response to him was precisely, "Doc, that's badass!".. it was a low hairline, something I hadn't had since about 25. But then he said, "we can do that" but if we do a mature hairline, which you said u also like, we can get more density in there and still leave ample donor hairs untouched in case you ever want to do touch ups for future procedures,.. it is a sin to waste even 1 donor hair in this field." So, we eventually evolved our design (I am saying "we" because his creative process was steered based on my feedback) to a bit higher "mature" (which I like on me.. i like having a large forehead like actor Patrick Wilson from Insidious) hairline that ended up transforming my entire look with only 2710 grafts.


Probably one of the coolest things is.. that I told the doctor that I want to go see this girl (who lives in another country) who I hadn't seen in many years (I had badly thinning hair the last time I had seen her, which was about 5 years prior).. I told Dr Mohebi that I am going to see her in a few months. Doctor Mohebi (and this is how seriously I take the man's words) told me, Do not go until at least the 6 month point (preferably 9 month point).. If you're interested in this girl, image has a factor in your confidence, you're getting the procedure done anyway, use it to your advantage.. delay your trip. He was so cool, yet precise in his words to me.


I'm gonna post a pic of my trip overseas at the 9 month point.. and you can see, my hair looked pretty cool. I have Dr Mohebi to thank that it was a very successful trip and I am in a serious relationship with the person I went to see.. I was my best self on that trip. She may have been attracted to me anyway without hair, but I just felt better and more confident having the good hair and looking good.


(FYI- I don't have many before pics because they disgusted me and I think I deleted the few that I took [i didn't realize I would want to show you guys later.. I only have the clinical shots Dr Mohebi took] but towards when it was bad, it was looking like the later Steve Jobs days.. which is fine if you're a billionaire.. but I'm not.. and its not fine for me.).


Do you guys have any questions to ask me? I've been through alot as far as hair loss is concerned.. feel free to ask about how certain aspects of it affected me emotionally; when I made decisions to seek change; or, how was the pain of strip surgery? or how was the process of surgery? or what was the tipping point that got me into surgery?

I have a Yelp review that is filtered but goes into further details about my surgery "vacation" in Encino (Los Angeles).


Some advice to the young guys out there: if you are sure you are losing your hair, you may want to get on the FDA approved meds (propecia/proscar or rogaine) soon at least to keep the follicles alive and delay thinning and death of the follicle.






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one more thing.. Dr Mohebi did a hair job on me that is undetectable by my hair stylist.. I got a new stylist after my hair grew in.. .she's pretty hot. and I never told her.. I figure she'd be able to tell by the scar in the back.. but maybe she didnt see the scar or maybe she thinks its from something else. do people generally tell their stylists that they have had HT procedure performed?

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