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One Side of Transplanted Hair Growing Faster than other ?

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is this a common phenomenon, that after getting a Hair Transplant done one side of hair grows faster and the other side just does not grow or is really slow ? Like the Left side growing faster and the right side does not !! How commonly does this happen ? is it a cause of concern or worry ?

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This is very very common. I and many others on here have experienced the same thing.


No worries.

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im having right side growing slower than the left. ive been worried but reading this forum seems norm thanks

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It certainly is not abnormal for the slower growth. Some guys have told me that they applied minoxidil to the slower growth area and had good results. Others have told me that some of their native hair was shocked out from the minoxidil.


But coming this far, my recommendation is to give it more time because the regrowth will happen and eventually catch up.


Time alone can work wonders...;)


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