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HT Consultation with Bisanga - 19 November

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Hello all,


I just had a consultation with Dr. Bisanga yesterday and I wanted to put the details up here to demystify the process for everyone else.


First off, it all began so well, with 'So... you have a full head of hair, why are you here?'. He then checked out three areas in my safe zone and found average donor density to be about 75/cm, or 6000-8000 donor units. He ascertained my hair to be 'medium fine'. He described my current state as NW2V, with a decent hairline and some thinning at the back. All good so far. (n.b. I don't have accurate numbers, just from memory)


However, on closer inspection he discovered some miniaturisation all the way back, from zones 2-4. He therefore wouldn't recommend a HT at present, but instead wants me to take finasteride for at least a year to see if the miniaturisation stabilises. Then I will see him again and we will plan a course of action from there.


As he stressed, battling hair loss isn't just 5 years, it isn't even 10 or 20 years - he is planning for how I look when I'm 65 or 70. I could be happy, over the moon, with my HT results for 5 years but then the rot sets in, the miniaturised all fall out and all of a sudden it looks terrible.


So, while I definitely feel deflated, I am glad that Dr. Bisanga was so frank with me and so ethical in his prognosis. He could have taken the money and offered the HT, but he didn't. I am now even more confident in choosing him, he is not just a skilled surgeon but also an honest man.


Here are my 'before' pics. The last two pics were taken over 7 years ago - so apologies for the resolution. I'm putting them in to show that, really, at least the positioning of my hairline hasn't changed all that much in the interim.


If I was to sum up my emotions right now it would be :confused:. It's good that I know where I stand and that I have to stop thinking of a HT for at least a year, but it's bad that I just may not even be a HT candidate in the future, depending on fin.


Anyways, I hope this info is of help to other newbies such as myself. I'm off to find a way to get me some finasteride - any advice here would be most welcome!!









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