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Louis Walsh testimonial....

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I know this are obviously marketing videos, but still, credit to him for going public about it!

The more celebrities talk about it, the better it is for us non-celebrities as it gets rid of the stigma.


The presenter is giving him a hard time and people are laughing. I had the same when I revealed that I've had a transplant. I feel the strategy of being open and honest is the best. You will have some akward conversations and people will joke about it. However, it won't last long and soon they will have forgotten. If you try to hide it, they will talk behind your back and it will become a joke that keeps on giving for years to come.


On a side note since....I don't know anything about this surgery, but they are ridiculously expensive!!! 10 euro per graft!!! and 200 euros for a consultation! What a rip-off!!! I wonder if this surgery is set up for the super rich.


Looks like they have given a few freebie transplants to celebrities and then overcharge normal people based on that. Very clever marketing!


**outside links removed***

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Hi Baldie,


Unfortunately, because the videos are promotional clips for a non-reviewed and recommended clinic, I was forced to remove them.

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Their gallery of results is a joke. They stick maybe 1500 grafts up front onto a norwood 6. They're probably charging so much because 3 surgeons have to get a slice and they have massive overheads for Samson house. Not impressed.


Yes! I did see those pictures on their site! I was thinking "really, you CHOOSE to show that as your best work". It was truly shocking.


No worries about removing the links..they can easily be found by those who are inquisitive. Wasn't endorsing them...obviously... since I had my procedure with an entirely different clinic. I just found them entertaining.

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