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I have a pluggy hairline of NW 3 and hair on the top are very thin (NW6 in bright light). I started balding(receding hair line+ thinning all over the top) when I was only 14 and now at 21 I'm practically bald.

I hardly ever noticed in the past that my hair on the sides and back have thinned out too, I always thought they are just becoming curly. With time my hair on the sides were becoming curly and difficult to style. My dad and his dad both are NW 6 with good permanent zones and there is very little baldness on my mother's side.

Now looking at my hair on sides and back I think I'm a bad hair transplant candidate. I'm already on finasteride for 5 months, I have shed alot since then and my hair has continued to thin.


I have searched online and it seems like I have 'Retrograde Alopecia'. I have uploaded some pictures. Please guide me about the possible treatment for this kind of hair loss.













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I don't think that the photos make it look unusually bad, but a little thin. I would definitely introduce finasteride to your regime and see if it helps stabilize you.

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Hi Sheraz



From the photos would say you are not a good candidate for surgery with your donor thinning in the manner in which it is and you are thinning all over it and higher up also and not just raising up as in traditional retrograde alopecia so definitely worth monitoring and not opting for surgery.


Some do suffer from DUPA (Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia) that does render them non-candidates and is a thinning in the donor area also that for most is the safe area to take from.


You could see a specialist to get diagnosed and measure miniaturisation in the donor area under magnification.

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I think the earlier photos showed the occipital area better to be honest and the latter display more of the thinning over the ears and down to nape.


Photos do not show the whole picture and one can look good in some and bad in others due to lighting and angles but from what I see personally would not say surgery is wise as there are signs of thinning in the donor and not only lower down only but seemingly from areas that should be the richer parts.


A good doctor can see you in the flesh and easily measure percentages of miniaturisation and look under magnification also but I think these photos do help to say certainly think twice about any surgery. As said probably worth getting checked out personally by a doctor who can best advise once they see you and measure accurately.




I represent Dr. Bisanga.


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