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Is laser treatment really works?

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What's your goal, Are you attempting to stop hair loss, or regrow hair?


Personally, and this is my opinion only. The laser combs are a big scam! I know some are FDA approved, but i wouldn't touch one with a bargepole....

Let's say they DO work. They would not regrow any hair. At best they would DELAY the loss of hair.


There are only a small handful of treatments that are proven to work (e.g. has scientific backing, or enough credible reports from users)


1. Minoxidil

2. Finasteride (and Dutasteride/Avodart)

3. Ketoconazole (Nizoral) - Not sure it it's scientifically backed, but reports from MANY MANY users show that in conjuction with 1 and 2 it greatly enhances their effect.


4. Hair Transplant.


1,2 and 3 requires continual use every day.







Anything else is just snake oil and scamsters.

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I second that. I can't tell if they work, but they are a major pain to use. Depending on the model, you'll need to hold it on your head up to 15 minutes, continuously changing position, never knowing whether you are covering the whole area properly, and inevitably causing fatigue in your arms. I gave it up after a few months.

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