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1st Post, Beginning Of My Journey! HT

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Whats Up Everyone,


I have been reading the many threads over the past month or so on this forum and from around the internet in regards to HT's.


I have finally decided to post and wanted to say that we should all be grateful for a forum like this which is very "real".


Anyway let's get down to business.


I am looking at around 4000 grafts.


I reside in California and spoke to and emailed back and forth with several Doctors so far.


I have been told that if I were to go FUE in the states that 2000 would be done on the first procedure and then 2000 a year later for the crown area. Or if I take the FUT route that I could have it all done at once without having to wait a year which I prefer but would rather have FUE so there will be no scar however would like FUT pricing :) don't we all.


I have read about doctors in India and Turkey too.


Doctors on the list so far include the following.


John Diep who is in California


Dr Hakan Doganay who is in Turkey


And the following doctors who I have not contacted but seem to be truly respected here on this forum by many senior members:






Any recommendations, advice, etc..?????


Thanks in advance

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