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Growing long hair with a receding hairline?

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Has anyone here done this--grown their hair long (say shoulder length, ponytail length) when it was receding or thinning, say when they were around a Norwood Class III or IV? I believe my hairline is receding, it is currently a V or square shape, though the hairline itself is only a fingerbreadth above the frontalis muscle (though it does have thin, miniuaturized hairs at the very front); the corners have receded more than the actual center of the hairline. I just want to grow it out long for once before it all goes, but I'm worried about looking silly.


Any thoughts, advice, personal experience?

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I thought about it, but it wasn't gonna work for me..lol since I have a pretty big forehead, with a nw3. I tried the messy look for awhile.. but I had to stop and shave my head. the sides of my head was missing to much hair. and that's why I am on here now..just lookin through. tryin to find a good doc, with a reasonable price for a HT.

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