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Eyebrow/Moustache transplant questions/recommendations

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Hello All,


First time poster here. I lost alot of my eyebrows and moustache a few years ago, due to stress. I'm over this period now and I'm thinking of doing a hair transplant (I live in Los Angeles). I need help because I'm feeling completly on my own here, not many friends have any experience with this or recommendations.


FUE or Strip - I like to wear my hair short on the sides so thinking FUE.


Doctors - heard of Jeffrey Epstein or Dr Diep - based on webvideos and comments on this site. Do some doctors work better with FUE vs Strip? how about these guys? Any other doctor recommendations for moustache/eyebrow?


Any of you have experiences with eyebrow/moustache transplants?


Any Dr recomendations? There is a difference in price between the doctors, Diep being cheaper. I've also heard of Umar who is more local to me but didn't see many pics of eyebrow/moustache restoration on his site.


any help appreciated

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Hi Mark,


Both Dr. Diep and Dr. Umar are recommended by our community. While I don't recall seeing any eyebrow/mustache results from Dr. Diep specifically, I do know Dr. Umar performs quite a few of these procedures. It would likely be worth while to consult with both of them.


Additionally, have you had the hair loss analyzed and determined what caused it? This may be helpful before searching surgical restoration as well.


You should discuss the FUE versus strip aspect with the physician. Dr. Umar performs FUE exclusively, but Dr. Diep performs both. If you're only seeking a small procedure and would like the ability to shave your donor region closely in the future, FUE may be a good choice.


Look forward to your reply. Let me know if you need assistance contacting a physician.

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant for the Hair Transplant Network, the Hair Loss Learning Center, the Hair Loss Q&A Blog, and the Hair Restoration Forum


All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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