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FUE surgeons in Dallas,TX.

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Folks- I have been reading post on this forum for a few months now and doing my own research on who is the best HT FUE doc to pick.


I live in dallas and it kind of suck to find out there is no good HT doc locally. Read bad reports about the Lam guy Plano (not even gonna consult with him).

Has anyone dealt with Mark Bishara in dallas? His site claims he uses ARTAS for FUE and his prices are like $10/graft.

Anyone have any good/bad experiences in north texas with HT docs?


Rahal seems the best option so far - but wanted to give the US docs a chance as well...




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I've never heard of that physician before.


Have you researched our recommended hair restoration physicians; specifically our doctors in Texas?

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Hi guys, I was just going through this thread and thought of giving my opinion on this topic. I am in my late twenties and have suffered from extreme hair loss! And that's why I can understand what people go through when they start having hairloss. I want to share my experience in this thread so that I can help you in some way to counter your hairloss by choosing the right doctor.

I used to be very depressed about my terrible hairloss until I met Dr. Bernardino Arocha (from Texas) about 4 years back. In the last 3 years, I have had 3 FUT transplant procedures with him to counter my hair loss, and very recently, I also had a FUE procedure. And for all my 4 procedures (including the FUE), I have gone to Dr. Arocha, despite the fact that every time I had to travel over 2000 miles across the US to reach his clinic in Houston, Texas. During each of these procedures, he has done a fantastic job, which is evident from the results I have got. He has now brought big smile to my face! This, I guess, speaks volumes about the ability of Dr. Arocha and his staff in the domain of hair transplant (both FUT and FUE)! For FUE procedures, he has the ability to perform them using the ARTAS robot (which he owns) as well as using his 0.8mm manual punches, which I personally think is great, as he has complete control over the procedures! Well, if I have to describe Dr. Arocha in short, I would say that he is an ideal mix of “passion” and “compassion” – he has tremendous passion for the work he does and has a lot of compassion for his patients like us who are suffering from hair loss.


Going down the memory lane 4 years back, I can remember that it was not easy for me to find a “quality” surgeon for my transplant procedure. The usual questions kept haunting me – Who is the best in this kind of work? What about the cost? What about the pain in the surgery? What about the healing? And most importantly, what about the final results? I am a Research Engineer by profession and thus by habit, I started doing quite an extensive research on hair transplantation and the surgeons who perform these surgeries. From all the studies that I did, I finally came to the conclusion that Dr. Arocha stands much ahead of his fellow peers in the hair transplant industry!! Plus, from my own experience with him in the last 4 years, I can mention so many positive points about him, which will surely make one feel that he is the right doctor to have a hair transplant with. Here are the points –


(1) He is recommended by several surgical Hair Restoration Associations, as he has really set a very high standard for this kind of a surgery. I would suggest you to visit his website or the Hair Restoration Network forum for more details on his credentials, surgery results, and reviews, if you want.


(2) He does skype as well as face-to-face consultation, both free of cost! He and his staff are very friendly.


(3) Doc himself is very experienced and knowledgeable in hair transplantation and he has also completed a prestigious fellowship in hair transplantation to master the skills and intricacies involved in this kind of a surgery. On top of that, he has got a very knowledgeable, experienced and skillful staff. He keeps travelling to attend conferences and seminars on hair transplant surgeries to keep himself updated with the latest standard practices.


(4) Doc is an artist himself by hobby and what I know about this kind of cosmetic surgery is that, along with the technical skills, the doc needs to have a very good aesthetic sense, because after all, its all about looks, which I am sure Dr. Arocha has.


(5) Dr. Arocha and his staff concentrate on hair transplant and perform only ONE surgery a day, so the patient will be his sole attention on the day of your surgery.


(6) Believe me, the surgery he performs is definitely painless, and most of the cases he deals with show early results. By God's grace, I am one of them!


Hence, if you are considering a hair transplant to look better and younger, I would say that Dr. B. Arocha is definitely “the right” doctor for you! You even have an added advantage that you need a doctor in Dallas, and Dr. Arocha has a clinic right there in Dallas as well as Houston! So, you dont even need to spend time, energy and money in travelling, whereas you can be under the care of one of the best HT (FUT/FUE) surgeons in the world!

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sabby - thanks for the lenghty write-up defending your pick.

I did take a look at your pics - but either its lack of good pics or its just what you want to share - I am not convinced by your results and what you mention about Dr.Arocha. After 3 HTs - you still have such low density???


Not looking down on you - nothing personal here - but that is not acceptable results for me.


I did research Dr.Arocha well and seems to me he prefers FUT over FUE.

I will look further here in the forums by searching for his work - but so far not convinced.




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Hello Zeeman, thanks for your comment.

I think the pics that you have seen here are the ones only after my FIRST hair transplant (where Dr. Arocha had worked on my crown region), and NOT after the 3rd one (as I haven't yet uploaded the results after my 3rd hair transplant!). So, I think you are mistaken when you thought that this is the density after 3 transplants. You can see the results after my second transplant here - http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/sabby/albums/2116 where Dr. Arocha worked on my hairline and frontal temples.

You need to realize that hairloss is progressive. The transplanted hairs may be permanent, but the original hairs that are already susceptible to DHT will ultimately fall (if medications are stopped). Due to the strong side effects of some the medications I was taking, I was not very keen on continuing them and hence had stopped taking them after a while. As a result I started losing the remaining hairs (NOT the transplanted ones, ofcourse!). I was originally a Norwood V -> Norwood VI patient, and hence needed a lot of hairs (grafts). That's why I had to go for my 3rd procedure. After I got the results of my 3rd transplant, people who knew me before my 1st transplant could hardly believe what they were seeing, as I was now having a head full of hair. However, at this point you need to understand one other thing that donor hairs (grafts) are limited, and if one has a terrible hairloss like me (Norwood V -> Norwood VI), its impossible for any doctor to restore the density of hair back to the original density, like may be what I had 10 years back! Hence, a decent enough coverage is what should be expected. With this in mind, I believe, Dr. Arocha has surpassed my expectations. Had he not done that, I wouldn't have gone to him 4 times flying from the other end of the country!

Just to mention, the 4th transplant that I had recently was an FUE procedure, and it was Dr. Arocha himself who recommended me to have an FUE over another FUT (although I still had donor strip available due to high donor density at the back of my head). So, I don't think he prefers FUE over FUT. The thing is, with the present technology available, FUT has a much higher yield of grafts than FUE. So, for a patient like me, who needed a very high number of grafts and a linear scar wasn't a concern, definitey FUT was the first choice, but during my 4th procedure I needed around 1200 grafts only to increase the overall density, and an FUE procedure was enough for that.

I hope, I have been able to clear up the little confusion that you had after reading my previous writeup. On this note, I just want to mention that I am just a patient who has suffered from terrible hairloss, and it is Dr. Arocha who has helped me a great deal to fight back against this loss. I am speaking to you based on my experience and results I personally have got, and also on the basis of some study that I have done myself on hair loss and hair transplants, before going this route. But, I am not a doctor by profession, so my suggestion to you would be to at least have a free one-to-one consult with Dr. Arocha just to see how much he will be able to help you. If you are still not satisfied after that, then you can always consult some other doctor based on your preferences.

Good Luck!!

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ZeeMan I realize your question is about FUE, but being from Dallas I wanted to add that I had consults for FUT with both Dr. Lam and Dr. Arocha. I was impressed with both doctors. They both seemed very patient and caring. Dr. Lam has a very nice office in Plano, Texas about a block off the North Dallas Tollway. Dr. Arocha's Dallas office was not great, but I hear his Houston facility is cutting edge and a new, very nice facility. If I had surgery with Dr. Arocha I would go to Houston.


The two things about Dr. Lam that I did not like. #1. Dr. Lam does not do hair transplants full time and offers a lot of other cosmetic procedures. Just a guess but I would think hair transplants only make up half or less of Dr. Lam's over-all practice. And #2 because he does not do hair transplants full time his main hair transplant tech was a part-time fly in from out of town technician. Dr. Lam has authored at least one book about hair transplants and seems to be passionate about hair transplants. If you "Google" Dr. Lam Hair you will find lots of informative, good videos of Dr. Lam giving lectures and speeches about hair transplantation. So even if you don't go with Dr. Lam you can still learn from his videos.


I think there is a "Dr. Malouf" here in Dallas that does a lot of NeoGraft which is FUE, but I do not know much about him. Just Google NeoGraft Dallas.com. He does a lot of radio ads. I've heard good and bad about NeoGraft, but I think it mainly goes back to the doctor and how experienced he is and how he operates his clinic. If Dr. Malouf is really good with great techs, then I think NeoGraft may not be such a bad thing...again it depends on the skill of the doctor and his staff.


If you have the time I would go see all three (Arocha, Lam, Malouf) if for nothing else as a learning experience.... and if you do this...be sure and tell them when making your consult appointment that you want to see the doctor in person during your consult.

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You are on the mark with your response to the actual question I had asked.

Thanks for the feedback on the local talent.


I did do a Google search on Dr.Lam - saw his videos and also read complaints about his lack of talent in HT. By the way - the complaints far out numbered anyone who had good to say about him.


Besides that - as per your suggestion - I will consult with all these Doc's just to get any idea on what they suggest from their perspective. I will make it a point if the doc does not show-up in the consultation I will leave immediately...been there, done with it :)


I have kind of decided to go with Rahal when the time comes - you want the best when it comes to such things and a few hrs flight ain't stopping me from that....

I would like to know what Rahal charges for HT (FUE) - I will start another thread on this topic.


sabby- if you are happy with your outcome - that is all matters - cheers to you buddy!

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I've not been on the site in a long time and just saw your question about Bishara. He did my 2400 strip FUT back in July 2011 and I am very pleased with his work, I did a good bit of research and met with 2 other doctors before choosing him. I'm now looking at a 2nd procedure to add more density to the front & top (neither of which are bad, I just want more thickness) and the crown. For this procedure I'm debating using him again but because I consider this to be a finishing procedure I am 90%+ positive I will bite the bullet and go to Vancouver and have Dr. Hasson perform the procedure. Nothing against Bishara, again I'm happy with his work but if I can put my head in the best hands on the planet that's my plan.

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I have kind of decided to go with Rahal when the time comes - you want the best when it comes to such things and a few hrs flight ain't stopping me from that...


If travel or money is not an object (and it shouldn't be), you owe it to yourself to check out the FUE work of Lorenzo, Bisanga, Feriduni, Erdogan and from what I've heard Mwamba, Hakan and Maras - although I'm not as familiar with their work as the others.

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Hey Shampoo,

great info. i am also from dallas looking for FUT and met with Lam. I was very impressed with him and credentials and how he is very active in speaking about his research and procedures in the HT medical community. BUT then i read these bad reviews about his ethics and negative results so i really hope to talk to someone that has has FUT from him in the last few years. I have also talked with but not met Arocha who i see great reviews from but he is in Houston and there is a cost/time issue involved. Did you have FUT done or learn anything more about Lam or Arocha?

Any help would be appreciated.


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