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When will I lose my minoxidil gains?


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I've been looking through the internet for weeks and there are so many versions on this topic. I would like to know from someone who have been on Minox (alone, no finasteride) for 5 -20 years.


To be clear I want to know the following:


1) Will I ever lose the gains i have from Minoxidil if I continue using it religiously twice a day 5% for the rest of my life?


Note: I am not talking about regrowth Im just talking about maintaining what I have so far.


2) If so, when?


Looking forward to hear from your experiences. I would prefer anecdotal replies if possible, as there are 100000+ theories out there and many from people who haven't used the product alone for that long....



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1). Yes, you most likely will as Minox is not a dht blocker. Eventually, your hair that is vulnerable to dht will lose the battle because it is still receiving DHT.


2). Who knows? 3 years? 5 years? I don't think that I have seen anyone better off at ten years than they were before they started taking minox alone.


This is based on my research only, but since no one really answered I thought I would chime in.

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