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Hair Transplant - Concerned with Procedure After ~2 Weeks - Need Help!

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I recently had a hair transplant via strip procedure, and I have been concerned after the first week of the operation. As many of you can appreciate, I have been scared about whether my experience is normal and was hoping to get more information to (hopefully) appease my concerns. Below are the facts - would love to get your input!


Date of Procedure: 10/14/2013

# of Grafts: 1930

Norwood Scale: 4A


As far as I could tell, the procedure went fine and I didn't feel any noticeable pain. My concerns arose after about a 8 days, when I noticed that most of the recipient sites seemed to be "hard", crusty, and painful to the touch. I was told that after 10 days the scabs should be gone, however, I still have scabs on the recipient sites. Furthermore, the recipient sites are raised extremely dry to the touch. For example, I can feel many individual bumps when I run my fingers through my scalp. Is this normal? Some of these recipient sites were not only very dry, but they ultimately become loose. As each one is hard, I could go through and pull each one out individually (I don't though!). When they come out, they included the bulb as well, so I know the entire graft was removed.


It has now been nearly 3 weeks, and these hardened recipient sites aren't showing any signs of getting better, which leaves me extremely worried. I've attached a few pictures that show how these recipient sites look. The black dots you see are hardened recipient sites - it's almost some type of film has surrounded the individual hairs and hardened them. It strikes me as very odd that nearly 3 weeks later the recipient sites look like this.


My doctor was surprised by this reaction and prescribed me to antibiotics in case it was an infection. I felt I'd reach out to this community in hopes of finding someone who can shed some light and hopefully comfort my concern....


Thanks so much for your input!



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I can't see the pics very clearly as I'm outside in the sunshine so my screen is quite dark.


Did you spray your hair with saline after the procedure? This should be done everyone hours until bottle is empty.


When did you start washing your hair?


Judging by your post and description of the scabs it seems like you have not washed it thoroughly enough. After 2 weeks the grafts are secure. You should be able to vigorously scrub your scalp now.


However, I would contact your surgeon to check. Who was your surgeon?

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