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Hair Transplant Patient of the Week: HairyBoy5's 4,018 Graft FUSS with Dr. Devroye

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This week's Hair Transplant Patient of the Week is HairyBoy5, who underwent a 4,018 graft Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS) procedure with Dr. Devroye.


After extensively reviewing his hair transplant results, HairyBoy5 decided to consult with Dr. Devroye in early 2012. The consultation was both professional and informative, and HairyBoy5 decided to schedule a "strip" procedure for May 2012. When the time came, HairyBoy5 underwent an 11 hour procedure with Dr. Devroye and staff, during which he received 4,018 grafts (the equivalent of 8,924 hairs). Overall, the procedure went very well, and HairyBoy stopped by the clinic once more the next day before heading home.


Since that time, HairBoy5 watched the transplanted hairs mature and was very pleased with the final transformation! Recently, HairyBoy shared a 17 month update of the final yield, and I agree that the results are highly impressive!


To review the 17 month results, please see HairyBoy5's hair loss blog: Dr. Devroye - 4,018 Grafts: Very Pleased! (Hit the arrow on the album to move right and review the final 17 month results)


To read about his entire hair restoration journey, please see the following: Dr. Devroye Hair Transplant Experience.


Please join me in congratulating HairyBoy5 on his excellent results!

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