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Miral Klinic - Turkey (Asmed Istanbul)

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Im starting this new thread to get more info on Maral Klinic Istanbul -


Does any one have good photos, video or anything at all about Maral klinic Turkey. They are offering great prices, but I wish to see and more importantly hear about excellent results FUE.


I am about to go for FUE and have 3 Clinics in mind currently, Erdogan, Doganay and (Maral Asmed Istanbul because of price) Ive seen some work from Maral, looks ok...but!

and P.S


I have had two extremely different opinions on the success rate of beard hair and its viability. No names but.


1 Surgeon says Beard is no problem for transplant and will be successful 1500-2500 can be harvested.

2. The other surgeon says that it is not advisable and many donor hairs from beard may die and that it leaves noticeable scaring and does not recommend it.... HELP !!!


I really need some independent help, advice, guidance photos etc


Many many thanks for all responses. :)

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Please keep in mind, that lower priced HT's, especially in places like Istanbul where prices are already lower than other global regions, are usually that way because you get less of the surgeons time and are often in the hands of the assitants, or in some cases trainees.


Try and go for a clinic in the region where you know you ar in the hands of the most experienced people in the team and a place that's had positive results from patients on here and other forums.


You don't need to pay US/UK/ other Europe proces, but going 'bargain basement' is not worth the risk when working with your treasured follicle supplies.


PM me if you need any more help. I have been out there twice now and can hopefully answer any questions you might have.





2800 FUE, Istanbul

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Do you mean "Maral clinic" or "Miral Klinic"? Not the same thing, certainly not the same spelling, nor probably the same place.


I personally have never heard of the "Miral Klinic". Perhaps that is why you have not had any responses.

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I mean Maral Hair Klinik my error :)



As it is the Maral clinic that you want info on, why not do a search on this forum for Dr Maral? There are a number of patients of Dr Maral who have posted their results over the past year on here.


Also check out the following community members who have had treatment with Dr Maral. They have posted their HT pics in several forum threads. There may be others too.


http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/168337-transplant-3-weeks-fue-turkey.html (UK43)

http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/171785-fue-dr-maral-istanbul-turkey.html (KIMI)

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