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1.5mths of 0.5mg propecia every other day


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hi guys, i have been consuming 0.5mg of propecia every other day and so far ( touch wood) for a month and a half, well, i did not experience any giddiness, mood swings, wood problems etc etc


I know it does not mean that it will not kick in, in the future ( sides ) but just wanted to get a show of hands of u guys who had experienced sides ONLY after taking the meds for some time?


I spoke to Janna ( representing Dr Ron who did my 2nd HT ) and she said i can continue with the dosage as per above mentioned..


I have come across a few posts here and there.. displaying good results of patients just taking 0.25mg a day combined with minox.. but anyone else who consumed lower than the prescribed 1mg and has fantastic results?

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