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Shedding and so..

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Hi everyone


11 days ago I went to Wroclaw to get my hair transplant at Dr Marwan Saifi's clinic and it all went so smooth. I got grafted around 2000 with strip and i haven't experienced anything i didn't expect. I got my stitches out yesterday, and its pretty red and so, but kinda expected.


The first 7 days I did a lot with the saline solution and was REALLY careful with the washing, actually pouring you know, and it healed quite fast. Today, 11 days post op, the recipient area is just slight red, a bit numb and its shedding like hell, you have to look really close to see that I've had a transplant. Is that usual and could it just occur that I'm a very quick healer? I don't smoke, drink or anything and I'm just 24, so I'm telling myself that's the reason of the quick healing time.


Im not really worried, because of the instruction I was given, but I would really like you hear your opinion.


Best regards

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Congrats on your surgery with Dr Saifi, I'm glad it went well.


I also healed very quickly when I had surgery with him, so it may be his technique or that you are a quick healer, or a combination of the both.


All the best anyway!

HT No1 : Nobel clinic, Gatwick 500 grafts - Terrible result, left with bumpy skin


HT No2 : Marwan Saifi 1680 grafts. Great result


HT No3 - Marwan Saifi 1250 grafts. Another good result.


HT No4 - Hakan Doganay 2134 grafts. Result TBA


Total 5134 grafts.

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