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3 Months FUE Result - happy so far...

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Ok so I am at approx 3.5 months and currently in the 'ugly duckling' phase. I have shed a lot of my transplanted hair to my frontline and crown (I didn't have any work on the whole vertex as not enough grafts after 2 failed strip ops) but have still retained a fair bit and density definately feels thicker to touch than before. I can see lots of little guys starting to poke through so I am quietly optimistic :) Having had 2 unsuccessful procedures before I am seeing better results at this stage than witht the previous ops.


I am wondering whether I should be taking Minoxidil Foam - it was suggested but I had a bad experience with the lotion type stuff years ago so have so far steered clear. I know it has come a long way and the foam is supposed to be much better......any thoughts?









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Hi Steve


All the best for your progression.


You may tolerate the foam well but wise to start applying only once a day and not two to test it and see how things go if you do decide to use it. It can induce an initial shedding but once a day may limit this.

I represent Dr. Bisanga.


Dr. Christian Bisanga is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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Hi sl


Thanks for the advice. My patient advocate at Health Travel International told me the same but I am just dubious about it because of my experience in the past and also because of the shedding you mentioned. I think I'll take the advice and go with once per day - hopefully I'l tolerate it better this time.

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Personally i would just leave your HT to do the work itself, let the scalp breathe as much as possible to aid healing and new growth.


I would only really start using anythign like that on your hair after the full cycle has finished, but that's just my opinion.


Hope you continue to grow well and please keep updating your progress on here, it'd be great to see.





2800 FUE, Istanbul

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