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Hello Fellow Members,


I hope you all are doing well. This is my very first post and I must say this is a great forum and kudos to everyone for that.


I am at Norwood 3 stage and have been experiencing receding hair line and hair thinning on the front. I am going to New Delhi in Nov and was thinking of getting a HT done as it has been bothering me for years. I selected Dr A****** (Fuse hair) as have seen few of his results and must say are great. The problem is I called today and found out Dr A****** would not be in Delhi in Nov so would need a backup plan which is as good as Dr A.


Guys, I will really appreciate if you could suggest any other HT surgeon in Delhi & NCR based on your past experiences so that I can get HT done in Nov. Please also post your before and after pics.


Many Thanks,



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Guys..please respond. I have gone through the forum and have not seen any doctor other than Dr A recommended on the forum. Delhi is a big city and am sure there has to be some more reputated HT surgeons. If you have had any experiences please care to share..:)

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dr a's clinic you mentioned you have seen his results.

I tried to google him and it shows on google dr umar sanusi and dr ****** ******. Some years back dr ****** and dr umar were trying to tie up I think.

On dr umar website also it says about dr ****** method relating to body hair.

Can you post the pic of results of dr a clinic which you have seen.

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