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periodic shedding with finasteride over two years of use


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hi ,


May be this question is awkward , but i would like to ask.


I have been on propecia since 1st sep 2011 , and now its almost two years and 2 months.


I have definelty got some benifit using this medicie as my hair fall was now was not as severe as it was before starting this medicine.


The real question here is that , I go through a shedding phase being on propecia , My hair loss stops for 1 month(20-30 hair falling ) and then starts again the next month( 50-60). This scycle keeps on repeating.


From past two months the shedding has not stopped and I am seeing a major hair fall.


The drug that I take is not att all fake.


Please let me know what could be the reason , thus the drug now has stopped working ??


Any one have similar issue?

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It is normal to lose 100 hairs a day. Has your hair gotten noticeably worse? Sometimes potatoes genes are stronger than propecia, but I still feel those people are better off continuing treatment.

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My hair count has increased somewhat , but the hair loss hasn't stopped. I am continue to recede from the front , though it's gradual.


At some point , the shedding increases and then it comes back to normal.Though from past three months , my shedding has increased. I doubt the drug isn't working any more.

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