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Planning on doing FUE transplant with Dr. Serkan Aygin

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Hello there.


This is my very first post on this forum, so apologies if I have not posted it in the correct place.


I am 31 years old, Middle Eastern and suffering from hair loss. I am planning on doing my FUE transplant in mid November. The surgeon I am planning to do it with is Dr. Serkan Aygin (formerly with MedHair) in Istanbul.


A friend of mine told me that he did a non-surgical FUE transplant in Turkey with Dr. Serkan Aygin and showed me his results. My uncle had friends who did the transplant and to my surprise, they did it with Dr. Serkan as well.


It seems many people from my region do it with him as his prices are reasonable and quality is good, from what i have been told and seen.


However, I need the opinion from you guys on here to make sure I am doing the correct decision. I have not seen many reviews about him on here. Is it because he is not recommended or is it that not a lot have done it with him?


He told me I need around 4000 grafts and it will be done in one session and that 3 days in Istanbul is enough. He also showed me before and after photos from his patients and I compared them with what my friend has shown me.


Any input on this is appreciated.

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Hi there. Maybe you can put some pics before. So, we can help you. Dr. Serkan Aygin a good doctor at all. but there are many other doctors who can do it better. I got my operation with a clinic, which is the biggest plastic surgery clinic in europe and accredited and i was very satisfied with them and good results.


You can check out my pics.


I wish you good luck.

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I decided that I won't be doing the operation. I realized, upon reaching the clinic, that I was not comfortable with it, and I didn't feel comfortable with the situation. I decided to accept how I am, and live my life that way it was intended. Many people told me I look good with this look and without hair, so why the hassle? I understand it is vital for some, but for me, I managed to accept how I am and will live my life.


Thank you all, you have been a great help.

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Hi everbody


For those want to have HT with dr serkan please think carefully and cosider my experience with his clinic before you go ahead with your HT.


I had my consultation on line and everthing was via his patient advisor. Initially I was advised that I need to have 6000 grafts in 2 sessions. This I booked to have in August last year, however I was not impressed by his clinic for the following reasons:


I did not see him at all to discuss my treatment options in detail, unfortunately despite this I went ahead with the procedure. The hair extraction was carried out by one of his technicians, who I knew nothing about. You guys all know this this porcess is vital for the survival of the graft. After 3000 grafts were extracted, dr serkan poped into the room and all he did was drawing of the hair line and nothing more than this. Unfortunately this was too late for me to change my mind. Now 5.5 months after my procedure, although hair is growing, but I have not been impressed by dr serkan clinic.

Since then, I have carried out extensive web search for my second session of HT, my advise to you all would be to choose the doctor who is recommended by the ISHRS and his name does not appear on the list. There are very good hair transplant surgeon in India recommended by the Hair restoration society with outstanding results and good prices.

Good luck

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Hello ,

You are right !!! I have been experienced an unsuccessful FUE motorised hair transplant surgery 16 months ago dated 4 November 2014 at Dr Serkan's Aengy Clinic in Istanbul .

I want to advise any one how are interested to restore they hair to avoid Dr Serkan's Aengy Clinic and his unexperienced technicians because they are not licensed to carry out hair transplant surgery by ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restauration Transplant Surgery)

They want to attract more patients provideing low prices without having any ability to carry out a good hair transplant result???

My unsuccessful hair transplant surgery is an Disaster results of carried out by those unexperienced technicians ???

I still have pain and numbs sintoms in my front hear area where my hair has been implanted! !!

I believe that I have affected the nerves!!!

My case is malpractice!!!!

In my case the hair extraction has started befor full reaction of anestezia????

I can't explain the pain.......,!!! Dr Serkan has not been into the surgery room at all????

For anyone who whish to know further information please check my profile history experienced and doesn't hesitate to contact me.

Stay away from Dr Serkan's Aengy Clinic.

I don't recommend his Clinic even for a free charge surgery!!!€€€€

Thy want to make only a quick profit (money) not results?????


Thank you.


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I would just like to say I had my fue hair transplant done with dr serkan in Istanbul and thought the clinic was to I high standard they arranged everything form the fue to hotel and transfers and they have gave me great results I found out about this clinic via a friend of mine who also had fue with them and he to has had a great result I cannot thank them enough for what they have done me I've added a few pics so people can make there own minds up I had it done almost 5 months ago so still have plenty of time for extra growth



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Hello ,

I have to point out again and to highlight very clear that my particular hair transplant case has been torned into Malpractice due to the Doctor Serkan misconduct and negligence that has left in charge and unsupervised his unexperienced and unlicesed technicians to carry out my entire hair transplant surgery from start to finish. !!!!!

Do anyone knows about those tehnicians Background and experience?????

Can anyone answer why Dr Serkan Aygin doesn't perform or carry out at all by himself the entire process of the Hair Transplant surgery's ??????????????????

This type of surgery should be carried out only by the degree Doctor havin to be assisted in his work by his nursing staff only for help as counting and check the follicles hair grafts extracted.

The tehnicians are not allowed to carry out the entire Hair Transplant Operation!!!!!

They are not doctors and they can't take the risk for the patients, also the huge and a solid medical background follow by an medical surgery and authorised degree diploma is required by the low in order to provide a legal work in the Hair Transplant an Restauration Industry.

Dr Serkan and his tehnicians are not licensed and unauthorised by (ISHRS) International Society of Hair Restauration Surgery) to carry out the hair transplant operation.

This Clinic management want to attract more patients providing low prices cost and high number of hair grafts extracted un proper and implanted transectioned none professional and without result and a very high risk of remaining permanent with post operation nad sides effects as a pain and numbs into the head or hear routes!!!!!!!!!!

Dr Serkan is not qualify as a Surgeon, he is an dermatologist and he is not allowed to carry out the Hair Transplant Surgeries !!!!!!!!

There's a very high rate of risk to achieve a very bad HT result due to a different number of unexperienced technicians team that is still performing in random the entire process of the HT surgeries without having to be assisted or supervised by the qualified Doctor.????????

They have promised to me a high number of hair grafts transplant up to 4000 hair grafts in a just single surgery sessions day!!!!!!!!!

But after I have paid in upfront the fully amount for my entire HT surgery including the 4000 hairs grafts transplant as we both parties have agreed previous payment time they dropped down the final counting of my hair follicles grafts transplanted up to 2800 ; there were 1200 hair grafts less then I have paid ?????

The average and normal limit of the hair follicles grafts extraction and implantation is up to maximum 1200-1500 of hair grafts per single surgery day , in order to achieve a good hair transplant result and to avoid the unsuccessful and unsatisfactory final result post operation with high number of transectioned hair follicles.

The unsupervised and unexpected tehnicians has dad difficulties to speak English, they been unable to understand my instructions regarding the pain suffered during the time of my HT surgery.

They had decided to begin the extraction of my hair follicles from my back donor arrea with motorised punch, before the full reaction of the local anesthetic. (Anestezia)

I can't explain in words the pain suffered at the time until the anesthetic reaction occurred.!!!

The surgical room and the tehnicians how carried out my entire hair transplant operation has not been equipped appropriate for this type of micro surgery with high power of magnifying glasses or microscop lenses as the Internal Micro Surgery Standard Requirement.!!!!!!

All those evidence mentioned by myself and the rong practice provide by Dr Serkan Aygin Clinic can be found very easy by anyone in the YouTube channel at Dr Serkan Aygin hair transplant operation tutorials.

Just take a time and pay enough atention at the tehnicians and the rong practice provide during to the tutorials .

In reality the only job that Dr Serkan Aygin is practice in his Clinic is just to draw up the hair line level by a simple marker or pencil, and the rest and the most important job part in HT surgery is carry out by his unexperienced and unlicensed seniors tehnicians. ????? ???????????????????

This type of Clinic as Doctor Serkan are not licensed by ISHRS and are not covered by the insurance companies in the event of your claims against the Doctor malpractice!!!!!!!

You have to open a civil legal action in court against to the Doctor and then to ask them to pay your compensation for your pain suffered due to their own incompetence surgery practice and the wrong tratament provided !!!!!!

Just be aware of this clinic !!!!!!

Take a time do your research and think very carefull , which clinic and which Doctor are you going to choice because your back head donor arrea are limited and is not allowed for multiple hair grafts extraction .!!!!!

All of the pictures evidence attached below are the current status results of my unsuccessful hair transplant surgery carried out at Dr Serkan's Aygin Clinic over 17 months post operation time..!!!!!

Aftrer 17 months of my post HT operation I still have experience a severe pain and numbs symptoms into my front head arrea that is still occurred in a daily basis . The new hair has been very visible wrong implanted in a wrong direction angle with multiple plugs hair grafts (PLUGS) into my front row hair line that makes an very visible a ( bunch hair plugs) lots of emty scalp patches not covered by the hair ,worse result then previous time of the HT surgery!!!!!!

The Doctor Serkan has refused to accept his mistake of the misconduct operation and doesn't want to be fully responsabile for this malpractices surgery .?????????????

In this case I have to open a civil legal court action against him.

So I want to advertise anyone to be aware of this clinic!!!!!!!!!

They are working unlicensed and illegally!!!!!!!





Edited by Attention
correction and review text.
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Hey Guys , look at what i found for dr serkan aygin ! and he said this is not real operation ! OMG !:eek:


this is dr serkan aygin clinic photo ! compare it with video !






No Comment :eek::eek::eek:

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-Warning for all those People who want to get an Hair Transplant Surgery at Serkan Aygin Unauthorised and Unlicensed Clinic.!!

-I am a Victim Malpractice Surgery Patient from this Unlicensed and Unauthorised Black Market Clinic where the HT surgery are performed only by Unknown Juniors and Unlicensed Technicians without any Medical Qualification or Background ???

-This is a Black Market Clinic and their interest is only to make as much Money possible (Profit) every single day without caring to much about the Surgery Result taking a high volume of Patients in a single day ,scamming all those Innocents Patients who does not have enough research or doesn`t have enough information about the Hair Transplant Surgery .!!!!!

-Serkan Aygin does not perform at all this type of Hair Transplant Surgery because hi is not qualified as a Surgeon ,hi is just an Dermatologist ,so hi prefer to use his Name in the Front of the Clinic but in the reality the entire HT Procedure is Carried out only by his Unlicensed and Unknown Juniors Technicians .??

-The entire Surgery is performed by the Technicians Only by Naked Eye without any Magnification Glasses or other required Medical Tools that are normally require for this type of micro Surgery who has an direct impact to the Final Result of the Patients .!!!

-My advice for all is to make a good research before to attend at any other Clinic for the Surgery and Stay Away from this Dangerous Place Named Serkan Aygin Black Market Clinic .!!!

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I seen this video before ... damn can’t believe u went to this clinic ..they messed up ur hair pretty bad .. it looks awful.. I think it’s better if u just shave it off for now n go to a real clinic for repair .. if u shave it u look like u balding ,, but with ur hair like that it looks kinda freakish n unnatural ..

U should speak to Spex, he has a post up about wanting to speak with patients that had bad results from turkey ..

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  • Regular Member

Hello, Legend007,

Thanks for coming forward to your comment !

I am the victim patient of Serkan Aigin Clinic in Malpractice surgery of my Hair Transplant !

Probably everybody know that this low cost and unauthorised clinic has the most agresiv promotion advert on the market and social media networking !

They use low prices and promises as high number of hair follicles of hair transplant up to

5000/6000 on a single day surgery session !

This is their trick used to attract more and more naivs and inocents patients without any knowledge about this particular procedure surgery !

There are tones of questions unanswered yet about this Dangerous Clinic and nobody think why the Dermatologist Serkan Aigin who is pretend himself to be the Dr in charge is not infact the person who is performing the surgeries ???????

Can anyone else to answer please ?





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Hey Guys , look at what i found for dr serkan aygin ! and he said this is not real operation ! OMG !:eek:


this is dr serkan aygin clinic photo ! compare it with video !






No Comment :eek::eek::eek:


Hi, this is NOT the clinic of serkan!


Many people hate good clinics with low prices!! :D

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In regard to the last answer recived on the forum page by someone, I have decided to upload some similar images from my own record ,for those ones with a bad intention, part of Serkan Aigin Clinic undercover supporters who has denied the answer already, that the picture provided previous by other form members are not from Serkan Clinic ???????

Check this out, picture with me after procedure outside of the clinic and then inside of it!

Also got the proof with all of the paperswork registred at their Clinic !





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This is the type of clinic that members on this forum run away from not pay money to ..

Sorry attention. U weren’t a bad lookin dude now u got butchered n lost a lot of ur donor .. I don’t know why people think that having surgery to ur head is easy .. it’s a 6-10 hour operation .. think about that .. that’s a big surgery n it’s permanent .. choose ur doctor carefully

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Replay for Castillo member !

I have a question for you !

If you never every had done any Hair Transplant Surgery and never been to Serkan Clinic then why you are here on the forum..???????

We don't need your stupid advices here on the forum, as there's no necessary because you dont have any knolege in ,or personal surgery experience on this field ????????????

Do not try to spread your intoxicated answers here.☠☠☠??????

This forum it's dedicated only to those patient who has experienced personal a good or bad Hair Transplant Surgeries.

As a victim patient of those Black Market and Low cost Clinics from Turkey I feel myself to come forward and to share my story in public for the education purpose to other patients not to be on similar situation as myself !!

Hope now that I have made my answer more clear for you and for anybody who just want to stay on the forum page only to have some more fun !!??





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Hello Legend 007!

Thanks for your replay.

As I have mentioned on my previous messages this tyres of Low Cost Black Market Clinic are everywhere in Turkey.

Those one has been addressing in particular for those low class people without money and without having any sign of knowledge about Hair Transplant Surgeries or about the bad consequences of it for the rest of your life ,If you don't go first to the right Clinic !

So every body should understand in clear that those Low Clinics as Serkan ones are going to run this Procedure only for the High Income Business Purposes not having to much care about the patient result or who is going to perform the Surgery ???

In my particular case the surgery has been performed from start to finish only by unknown cowboy technicians that I don't know nothing about them..??? Thei did not speak English at all I have been found later that they been paid on the comision surgery bases by Serkan Clinic ??

On my particular case I have be transferred to a different Clinic for my surgery ?? Similar proposal as on that YouTube video provided earlier where you can see in clear the entire story proces of placing the patients in to the surgery place??

Same Tehnicians Unknown team has a clear target set up by Serkan Clinic to finish 3/4 patients on the day if they want to be paid .....!!

What??..This is crazy thing ...!

Every surgery it will require as the standard minimum 7/8 working hours. !

But those Unknown Tehnicians Cowboys has been performed 4/5 surgery in a single day.!!

Can you imagine now why I am in this position as a victim of Malpractice Surgery from this Black Market Clinic ?

Hope the my HT surgery result will talk inself !

Thanks anyway for all your support and advices

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  • 8 months later...

Be very careful he has 1000 web sites also he is paying some web sites to show fake pozitive reviews like trustpilot realself proven expert! search good on internet you can see all his victims! again read here carefully he has black market clinic all operations perform by unknown people or nurses them results are horrible but he has many agents 24 hours they are giving fake good feedbacks about him! I hope someone will read here !

i believe only hairrestorationnetwork only this forum helping patients telling the truth and also  forum is trustable !

Edited by Truthhttr
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