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Vinci Hair Clinic

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Has anybody had a hair transplant by Vinci Hair Clinic.They have clinics in the UK and Spain.


Links to their clinic frequently appear on Google. However, there seems to be a serious lack of online reviews of people who have actually had surgery with them.


Any advice is welcome :)

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Tony from looking at their website I am not over impressed by the results that I see. Lots of smoke and mirrors in my opinion. I don't recommend going to a clinic that has a lot of locations because quality control is hard to predict. You may go there and get a great result you may go there and get a subpar results. Doctors give the clinics there reputation and quality not clinics that hire doctors to open many clinics.

You have a lot better choices in Europe. Research as much as you can. Remember going bald looks natural having a bad transplant doesn't.

Good luck

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