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Dr Hakan Doganay

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Hello all,

First time poster but have been viewing from afar for a while now. I’ve decided to go ahead with a HT and was hoping to share a bit of background and get some input from the forum. It’s been a real help so far.

I’m 27, been thinning on top for around 4-5 years and it has accelerated in the past year. So much so that I am now ready for a HT as I have been told by two recommended docs on here. My hairline has been receding more steadily for the past six months especially.

I’ve done some looking around and emailed a couple of docs but the one I am pretty set on is Dr Hakan Doganay. This is due to the results I have seen posted on here and his recommended status. I will admit that price also comes into it. I’ve been quoted at 2Euros a graft and he reckons I need about 4000. I’ve been told the doc will aim for coverage all over with this.

I have been on minoxidil for more than three years but could never bring myself to go on propecia due to worrying about sides, permanent or short term. I know that I would stress about this. Dr Doganay suggested going on proscar when I get the surgery to try and combat shock loss which I think I will, although I don’t know how long for. He suggested four months after the surgery. However, he said this wasn’t essential. I will admit however that shockloss is a worry, although right now I buzz my hair down to a #1 so am already using a short look if I had to do it again later for this reason. I just hope it wouldn’t be permanent.

My grandfathers were both bald as is my father and his brother so I know what my future would involve without a HT. If I don’t have a good enough donor region for a second HT (as I believe I will need down the line) then I’m hoping to revisit Dr Doganay about using hairs from my beard.

I feel as though I am fairly realistic in my expectations and know that 4000 grafts is a lot but, to be honest, hair loss is something I now think about hourly as I’m sure many of you can appreciate.

I wasn’t sure if I was a suitable candidate given my age and that I do still have some hair but I am reassured by Dr Doganay’s willingness to go ahead with the procedure given his reputation on this board and from the reviews I have read.

I am basically looking for a bit more information from anyone who has had surgery with Dr Doganay. I have never met the doc in person and just wondered if people had flown out for the surgery having only communicated via email and shown donor region in photos? Can anyone weigh in on my concerns about shockloss as well? Can anyone offer advice as to hotels etc to discuss with the clinic as I believe they cover those costs?

Has anyone ever heard of any bad experiences with Dr Doganay? I certainly can’t find any on here. I used to have quite thick and wavy/curly hair – is this a positive in the HT process?

Sorry about the long post and thanks in advance for any sort of advice or tips. Any general advice would also be really appreciated.


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Even though I have haven't had a HT with him, I too have been in contact with him and his rep and have scheduled a HT for DEC. They both have always replied and answered all my questions. More importantly, I have researched his work for months and his results speak for themselves. I think you've made a wise choice and are in good hands.


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