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Hi just a quick question I recently had a fue procedure with Dr bhatti in India 3900 grafts 3400 bht the rest scal p I'm now eight weeks post op . This would be my four and final surgery .I would just like to know what percentage of patients shed the transplanted grafts after surgery I have thin existing hair from hairline to crown and can't really tell if transplanted hair has shed I'm hoping I'm not the unlucky small percentage that carry on growing and not shed straight from procedure because it is still very thin and I was hoping for a much better outcome. I known its early days yet being only two months but just wanted a bit of reassurance that I got my growing to come and that the majority of patients shed all or most of their grafts? Thank you in advance Barry

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I dont' know of any patients who don't shed their transplanted hairs. When it sheds will VARY, but eventually all transplanted hairs will shed.


3400 bht is a significant amount - do you have pics to share?

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