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Three weeks post-op, two questions!

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Hey all,

I'm about 3 weeks post-op. Pre-op, I had a decent hairline that I had reinforced and slightly lowered at the temples. In the interest of going unnoticed, I've been brushing my native hair down over the transplanted grafts to cover them up. However, I really want to style my hair "up" in front as I did before the procedure. But when I do, the transplanted grafts are pretty obvious, as my hairline, near the widow's peak looks noticeably thicker than it did pre-op. Also, since my native hair is long and lighter while the grafts are quite short and darker, this makes it look all the more obvious that I had work done. Photo attached.


While many on this forum worry about their grafts falling out, I'm actually wondering when they will! That way, I can go back to my previous hairstyle and let the transplanted hair grow in gradually, and therefore less noticeably. I was under the impression the grafts would have fallen out by this point (many of them have, many (most?) have not) so I'm just wondering: what's the hold up? Anyone here have advice on how I might get around this issue? The way it looks now has me slightly paranoid it will have an "unnatural" appearance once it's all grown in, but I'm trying to be patient, and still believe I had a very good procedure.


Also, there is a spot on the back/top/left of my scalp where I have still complete loss of feeling above the incision...how common is this?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Who was your doctor? Your hair looks really good for 32.


1.5 to 2 months is usually the peak of shedding so you may have a little waiting to do.

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I had a HT 7 weeks ago. I lost very little for the first 3 weeks, then they started to drop gradually. Weeks 4-6 for me was the noticeable shedding period.

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Thanks--will just be patient! I'd rather not disclose who my surgeon--suffice to say I have had a very positive experience with this surgeon and his office thus far. Anyone able to answer my question about loss of feeling in the scalp? Thanks again.

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