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FUE by Dr Reddy on a gentleman with Norwood 3, 1207 grafts / 4111 hair

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3.41 hairs per graft!!!! I think that's the highest ratio I've seen to date!

2,200 FUE + PRP with Dr Bisanga - BHR Clinic, 22-23 August 2013 - http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/171950-my-fue-2-200-prp-dr-bisanga-bhr-clinic.html


Current Regimen:

- Rogaine 5% Foam 2x daily

- Jasons Restorative Biotin Shampoo 2x daily / Nizoral 2% 2x weekly

- Nettle Root 500mg, MSM 1500mg, Biotin 5mg, Multi Vit, Omega 3

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He is a young patient with a lot of donor hair. Our objective was to preserve maximum donor hair and to take least number of grafts from the back. Dr Reddy always believes to extract chunkier grafts and he does divide them when needed. We believe the whole process is beyond scope of this forum. Please read this article written by Dr Reddy about hair graft ration in FUE:

Hair Graft Ratio in FUE | FUE Hair Transplant | Restore Hair Clinics

I represent Dr. Raghu Reddy


Dr. Raghu Reddy is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network.

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