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Is the waiting over for NW6's?

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Hi guys i would like to have your thoughts on this and tell you a bit of my story.


As so many i am a nw6, i didnt have a HT when i was younger and lower on the NW scale though i was contemplating it. The main reasons were i could not take propecia due to side effects, strip was portrayed as the best option and i didnt want something so invasive(though nowadays FUE is well recognized and proven on the hands of good surgeons.)


Still though what is keeping me back is this. even if i have FUE i know that i cant have a better than average looking result, it has nothing to do with the surgeon, it has nothing to do with me not wanting strip it only has to do with the reality that there is not enough donor for the area covered especially if you don't want to use drugs to help the crown and maybe mid-scalp.


The way i see it the front and mid scalp is the area where hair transplants generally make a lot of difference. For the crown and occipital area (dont know if thats the correct term) things get really difficult and you can never match the density of the hair in the safe zone around these areas. That along with the fact that HT hair are thick and strong and in the mean time thin due to the lack of density is the main HT give away that something doesn't look natural.


For that i chose to buzz down down my hair and even shave them though it doesn't suit me as well as others. But i always said if there was one proven procedure where hair could be taken from the sides and don't leave any kind of scarring then i could go close down to almost 0 to the sides and the crown! and have hair on the front and midscalp, sporting a marine style look. That way the difference of the transplanted hair(density, texture etc) with the safe zone hair would be eliminated cause you simply cant see them. The crown would be buzzed down so the horseshoe would not be obvious and at the same time you have a hairline to frame the face and a mid-area up to the point where the scalp bends to the crown to support it which is the most important aspect. And all the grafts could be focused there taking the crown out of the equation for the surgeon completely.


Taking out Dr. Gho who claims scarless FUE and HM but i am very skeptical of him i read about another surgeon Carlos Wesley and his pilofocus procedure which he plans to bring to the market. He claims no scarring on the safe zone cause he somehow takes the grafts from the inside.


And now for the theoretical part of my question. I see this procedure as a way to get our hairline back us NW6's and NW7's without looking like we have a thin transplant compared to our donors, the only provision would be sporting a certain haircut. Just like some of us sport the shaved look. If this comes to fruition and proves itself then i see many more people coming to the chair, i see youngsters in lower NW's going in without worrying about the future and if propecia holds their hair cause whatever happens worst case scenario at the end they can have the marine look.


Without keeping in mind what might happen in the Hair multiplication front could this be the future that will make hair transplants more mainstream and accessible to everyone?



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