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Should I FUT or should I FUE

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Sorry for the lame Clash reference


I am an NW5


My research has been on going for 4 months on what is the best plan of attack

for my case. By all accounts, it seems as if FUT is the best way to go. I've had estimates from 3800 to 4500 grafts for a first pass. I'm sure than would mean a second pass down the road with a minimum 1500 FUE.


However, if I was to go with FUE first, the figures I've gotten (Via pictures sent) are a little lower - 3000 to 3800 which would also mean a second pass but I may not have enough left to do a second pass for FUE. (Although, I love Dr Hakan Doganay and Erdogan's work)


So, it seems (even though the strip scar scares me) It's probably the best way to go in my case.


Does this seem logical?


And are there any doctors that are better known for the strip scar closure techniques? Or does it come down to the way you heal?




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It all comes down to your density and laxity. If you have above average density it may be possible to meet your goals with fue. If your density is not great but your scalp laxity is good then strip is probably going to be your best option. Unfortunately density and laxity aren't something that can be accurately measured without an in person consult, so if you are really on the fence you might have to make some trips to meet with some doctors, otherwise you might have to make a judgment call

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Thanks for your reply. Yup I def need to have a face to face with FUE dr's. Any reco's? I'm in Toronto and would have to fly there yet, which I don't mind. But preferably, in North A...





Fue docs in North America



Dorin & true

Dr Ron & Paul Shapiro (smg)


You seem to have a decent head on yr shoulders, and you seem to have a good game plan. Take yr time, there's pros and cons to both surgery. But if there's one thing we all want more of and that's density.

The docs above are just a few, I'm sure more will chime in.

Hair Transplant Dr Feller Oct 2011


Hair Transplant Dr Lorenzo June 2014

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