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A must read: A very detailed response from a DR

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This is from a dr who took the time to respond in a very detailed response I got just by sending him pictures and asking what approach he might take. I respect a dr who takes his craft this seriously, but the truth is, I'm still trying to figure it out. Can you guys out this in layman's terms??


I hope he doesn't mind me posting it, I felt it was Dr, who obviously takes his craft seriously.


PS. I've x'ed out the dr's he was referencing but they are well known FUT dr's.



Dear xxxx


The choice between the FUT and the FUE technique has to be done depends on the desire to avoid a linear scar. The price is also lower with the FUT technique. Recently, I reduced the amount of the FUE grafts from 6€ to 5€. And finally to 4€ per graft.


Nevertheless, the price is lower for the FUT technique because it is possible to achieve a more important quantity. With this technique, we can reach 3000 grafts minimum in one day by almost all the patients. Often, it is possible to reach 3500 grafts. But I am sceptical about the automatic ability to reach 4000 or 4500 grafts.


A few years ago, I discussed with Dr xxxx, and I asked him how it was possible for them to reach such a number. And he answered that he reached the same amount of grafts as me, so, a number around 3000-3500 grafts. Also, he told me that Dr xxxx reaches the 4500 grafts or exceptionally…

Anyway, it is easy to demonstrate that it is (unfortunately) often impossible.


We know that the density of the follicles is of 60 to (rarely) 100 grafts per cm2.


Let's calculate how many cm2 we should need to reach 4500 grafts.

4500:100=45 cm2

4500: 60=75 cm2


Also, we know that the length of the strip is between 25 cm and 28 cm. So, the width of the strip has to be of 45/25= 1.8 to 75/25=3 cm!


Usually with a good elasticity we use to take 1.3 to 1.5 cm rather than 3 cm!

For example 1.5 *25*80=3000 grafts…


The only way to increase artificially the number is to subdivide the grafts. So, increasing the number of grafts (and the price) but not the number of hair…


When we use the FUE technique and when we exploit the all donor area it often turns on around 3000 to 3500 grafts in two days.


In your case, I would opt for the FUT technique. You can consider two separated surgeries by a period from 8 to 12 months. For example 3000 grafts the first time, and 2500 grafts the second one.


If you prefer to opt for the FUE technique, the proposition is the same, but this time in two days of surgeries.


And the last solution may be a combo. I mean, the first day we could reach 3000 grafts to 3500 grafts with the FUT technique. And, the day after, we could reach 2000 grafts with the FUE technique. It has the advantage to provide a higher number in two days. But the handicap is that we have to shave the donor area and the scar of the FUT becomes visible…


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Strips longer than 25 cm are very common. It seems like is saying that some strip procedures are falsely inflated by dividing follicles, for instance making a 4 graft follicle 2 grafts of 2. It looks like he advised strip, but it doesn't say why.

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He feels he can extract a larger number of grafts for less money via strip.

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