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two questions on HT

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I realise I’ve just been asking questions on this forum. Once I have the FUE I’m after I’ll definitely be posting progress pictures.


I have two questions. One is on risks of contamination when undergoing FUE. I realise some doctors demand blood work beforehand but some don’t. What are the pieces of equipment that are re-used from patient to patient in FUE? Are there any risks that one should be concerned about?


The other question is about payment. Say the date that you can book is way in the future, 8 months, and you need to pay a sizeable deposit today. I understand the clinic needs some sort of a guarantee, however it looks to me that you the candidate do not have any guarantee that you will get your money back in case something unexpected happens (clinic closes, etc). I’m asking this since I have in the past burned my fingers when I bought $2K worth of kitchen appliances from a website (with good reviews), only to two months later that the company was in administration and I lost $2000 never receiving the goods. Not hinting at accusing any clinic here but just being rational. Is there a solution?



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