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Finasteride and FUE (Class 3 Vertex)

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28 years of age, I am about to take the plunge into Finasteride. My regular Dr. said that I should experience so side affects, and it is generally safe, while also stating that once I am on this, I have to plan on staying on it forever (I'm not a pill man, I barely take Advil). I have the prescritpion in hand, now just deciding to go all in...


Hair Dr.s I spoke with said I can start off with a .5mg early, to let my body get used to it then transition into the regular 1 mg dosage. I have read numerous people say Propcia/Finasteride did not work with them (side effect wise-I don't want to screw up my libido!), and some stating they wish they went on earlier than they did and no side effects, so I guess everyone is differnet.


My hair loss around my crown is becomming evident, however when I use Troppik you can't notice really anything. My frontal hairline is receiced around the sides, with a decent dense front. Class 3 Vertex



I am deciding between a FUT (because of he price and density they say comes with it compared to FUE, but am not ruling FUE out with the intent of always having shorter hair...


But my second auestion with FUE is, HOW SHORT? If one day I just give up after having a FUE and stop with the Finasteride, would I be able to just shave it all off with no noticable signs of punch grafts?




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Finasteride should do wonders to help maintain the hair you have now, perhaps even grow some back. The doctor is right, once you start you have to continue using finasteride to retain the benefits it provides, or your hair will resume falling out, (probably at a faster pace depending on how long you took the drug.)


I don't think that many people experience side effects, so the odds are in your favor, but yes, everyone is different and there's no way to know how you'll respond until you try it.


I'm no expert on strip vs. FUE, so I'll leave that for someone else to comment on.

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If you have good characteristics you would be able to pull off a one or a 2. You won't be able to shave but you may be able to buss it pretty short.


I was not a pill man either but have been on fin for just over 3 years. Its really not that big of a deal, just pop it when you are doing your morning routine. Chances of sides are very low.

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