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Dr Satinder Singh and Dr Sangay Choden Bhutia, has anyone heard of them at all?

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I figured I'm able to look for the best transplant for price and while I'm hoping to go to Dr. madhu, it appears I'm going to be rejected due to age related reasons, most likely going to bhatti who appears to be okay with younger transplants.

But the doctors in the title, own a clinic called 'hair n senses', which I'm curious, yet very very skeptical about.

On one hand the clinic provides a satisfaction guarantee, promising to replace grafts that don't grow/etc. tha might be good if they're actually a proper clinic.

Of the other hand they claim to have AAAM membership on their site, though I couldn't find them anyone on te site, I email AAAM and got a reply saying they'd be told to remove the label. It's probably confirms that they're a fraud, but I don't know a bunch about this stuff, so I'm still ever so slightly curious. Bhutis' apparently has 6 years of hair transplant experience, as just another thing.

Probably pointless, but that's the AAAM email.

I doubt that I'm even going to go here for surgery, but I'm honestly just curious about their legitimacy. They claim to be popular and to have done over 1200 hair transplants, but I can't find any info about them.


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I've had links here removed before, but hey we're directly to HT sites. I'm really just bored at the moment and trying to find evidence that this place is actually legitimate (or not).

I have no idea if any links posted are paid advertisements or whatever (like, doctor pays for site to list them as 'top 10'), it's just what I'm finding.


(Link removed by moderator)

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Unfortunately, I did have to remove the above link. I have not knowledge of the physicians in your thread but if you can't find any quality information, why risk it?

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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I understand, this is like the third time I've done it, so I'll stop posting links aha. I doubt I'm going to risk it, I'm just curious because they seem both legitimate/like they'd be decent and skeptical at the same time, like anything good I see about them is complimented by something bad.

I'm more just finding places looking for a more convenient hair transplant clinic ('not suitable' to Madhu due to being young, Dr Radha seems great, but how the heck do I get to visakhapatnam without a 12 hour taxi/train. Bhatti and chandigarh is alright, but with the healing and etc of a transplant, I'm unsure is like 21-30 hours of flights or 20 hours of flights and a 4 hour taxi would be good, like it could affect healing).

So I'm just searching for a decent place in New Delhi, mainly.

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