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Dr. Devroye Transplant experience - Very pleased

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Hello All, I've been meaning to post my experience on here for a good while but never seem to have the time - My surgery was May 2012 (17 months ago!) and I had just over 4000 grafts FUT.


I decided to go for a consultation with Dr. Devroye as his email replies to me were very detailed and with the help of computer generated images showed me what I am likely to expect. The consultation was a couple of months before my transplant as I live in the UK I decided travel to Brussels on the Euro tunnel. I got on the train at Ebbsfleet international and arrived at Brussels within a few hours. A 15 minute taxi ride through the city and I arrived at Dr. Devroye's Clinic - So the journey was easy and hassle free.


The consultation was an interview with Dr. Devroye who explained my options and likely outcome. His english was good and came over professional but still funny at the same time. Originally I think he said he could extract between 3000 and 3500 grafts, so at over 4000 I'm delighted. I looked through some high quality pictures of past patients and was able to see a patient in surgery - I was very impressed with this. I therefore decided to book myself in for may (earliest he could fit me in).


The day before surgery I got to Brussels the same way as before and checked into the very nice hotel that was included in the price. I went along to the clinic for a quick chat where any final questions I had were answered. The next morning I arrived with a full stomach ready for surgery. Dr. Devroye wasted no time as he marked out my new hairline and made sure I was happy with it. He only shaved the very edge of my hair as I wanted to try to cover the evidence the best I could (I grew the hair for surgery). The procedure was a total of 11 hours and I was comfortable throughout - The staff always asked me if I needed a drink or more anesthetic and gave me a menu of what I could order for lunch. The day took longer than expected but my hair was very thick so they could get a lot more grafts than they thought - Dr. Devroye had to punch more holes as the day went on until all the grafts had a home. Even thought he had quoted me a maximum price he kept going till he reached well over 4000 (I think it was 4300 grafts and 9000+ hairs but I've lost the receipt).


After keeping my head moist over night, the sutures came out the next day and everyone seemed pleased with the result. Dr. Devroye took a few more pictures and seemed delighted with the work he and his team had done - as was I!


I healed very well over the next few weeks and I didn't have many hairs falling out at all as I was expecting. Instead, the transplated hairs just grew - I believe this is the care Dr. Devroye took with the grafts, the lack of soreness and redness also evidence to this. The scar at the back of my head was also very tidy and I can't see or feel this with hair about 1 inch long.


The final result (Photos are before, after, 1month post and 17 months post) - As you can see from the photos, Dr. Devroye has done a fantastic job all round, my only criticism is the sides around the temples. The hair here sticks out slightly (I would like it to swoop back naturally) and there seems be a gap where the original side hair has thinned so much. I therefore keep the hair longer on the sides to avoid an unatural look. I will go for additional work with Dr. Devroye for this in the future. Thankyou Dr. Devroye and your very skilled team for an epic job on my hair!










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You should have done a blog but anyway your result has transformed the front of your head and it looks impressive. Double thumbs up to Dr Devroye :) - can see why you are very happy.

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Based on vast research and meeting patients, I travelled to see Dr Feller in New York to get repaired.

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Nice. I appreciate the honesty of your photo presentation as well.

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I think it would be so much more helpful for other people on this forum if you could show your hair without hairgel or wet hair so the final result can be seen more clearly. It would be more useful to see your dry hair.


It is a shame that a lot of people who have HTs on this forum, take pictures after using hair gel in their new post-op hair and in a number of cases it makes the HT look like a poor surgery.

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Congratulations and thanks for taking the time to share your result. The new hairline and temple points have framed your face nicely.

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