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Propecia Dosage Question


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First of all, sorry for my english, it is not my native language, so if i make a mistake

feel free to correct it.

Secondly, i want to thank you all of you, i have read this forum for 3 months and your

comments are invaluable.

I had a hair transplant 2.5 months ago and for 2 months i have been using finasteride.

I slowly introduced into my body by using spex theory.

first 2 weeks --> 2 x a week 0.5 mg

3 weeks --> 3 a week 0.5 mg

3 weeks --> 4 a week 0.5 mg


Right now i have issues with increasing the frequency. Actually my hair feels stronger and

healthier, but i am not sure 4 x a week 0.5 mg (every other day) is sufficient. The thing is,

Right now i dont have serious side effects, just slightly reduced libido, ( very little,

nothing to worry about and i am very positive about this will going back to normal if i will continue

to use it) but i am thinking if i increase the frequency and if sides will kick in, maybe i'll

be afraid ant stop taking it.I know finasteride isnt a one size fits all medication,

but im wondering your expreiences and comments. And one last question, if i will take

5 times a week, should i will take it M T W R F and skip the weekend or something different?


Thank you again, and sorry for my english

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