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Hairloss even after using Finasteride and minoxidil


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I am aged 30 right now, but hairloss got to me since I was 20. I started using minoxidil and finasteride when I was 22 and have managed to save some hair till now.


However, since last 3-4 months my hair loss started again and I have been losing pretty badly. My hair has thinned considerably. I am having a tough time understanding what could be going wrong.


I checked with a Trichologist in Bangalore, India. He asked me get some blood tests done and found that my Vitamin-D is too low. He prescribed some medicine which I have been taking along with regular minoxidil and finasteride.


Could anyone please advice on what could be going wrong? I am under a lot of stress coz of this. :(


Thanks people.

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