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Which Clinical Trials are currently recruiting

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Dear respected forum members,


I would be most interested in participating in a clinical trial for any experimental agents/ procedures concerned with hair regeneration/ restoration.


Is there a list of currently/ soon to be recruiting clinical trials, for novel, potential future agents/ medications for hair loss therapies?


Has anyone here participated in such a trial?


Other than Histogen and their HSC, I am not terribly clued up on hair loss research and whether any positive pre-clinical research is moving into clinical testing?

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According to the official government clinical trials website, there are currently 205 trials researching hair loss. Each trial identifies whether or not they are actively recruiting participants.

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From what I can glean, below is a list of putative experimental agents undergoing testing for hair loss/ alopecia:



  • Hair stimulating complex - from a company called Histogen
  • Bimatoprost - from a company called Allergan
  • A lotion MPAF MEXIS M6S - from a company called Mexis George?
  • Ex vivo expanded cultured occipital autologous dermal cells
  • Botulinim toxin
  • NEOSH101 - from a company called Neosil?
  • iRestore Hair Rejuvenation System - Freedom Laser Therapy
  • Trichoscience Innovations - anything in development/ on the market?
  • Valproic acid
  • Roxithromycin
  • PRGF-Endoret (autologous plasma rich in growth factors)
  • Autologous human platelet lysate
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • PRFM - platelet rich fibrin matrix (for dermal angiogenesis)
  • TopHat 655 System (low level laser light) - from a company called Apira Science
  • Nitric Oxide Gel

Anybody have any experience of any of the above?


I am still looking to enrol in a clinical trial for any experimental treatment, including the above.

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It is nice to see people willing to volunteer in these trials. We are all hoping for more advancements in the field of hair loss prevention and hair restoration surgery. Without these trials it would be impossible to improve upin our current technology.

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