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Hair Transplantation Surgery 101

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Having actually worked as a technition in the hair transplant community as well as for other cosmetic surgery clinics I feel that I can help contribute to this topic and answer some basic questions for new comers. I am no longer working in the industry, but I do stay up to date with current news in the industry so that I can continue my battle against baldness.


I am extremely concerned with the misconceptions that I have seen on this board for those entering into this procedure. Having had negative results myself due to being mislead I think I can shine some light on the topic for those of you considering a hair transplant.


First, you need to realize that there is NO surgery available today that can give you more or additional hair. What you have at this point of reading this topic is the absolute most you will ever have as far as hair count. Keep this in mind because this is very important when talking about being a good canidate for a hair transplant. I see on this board many postings of people who have 2000+ grafts added and sometimes, not always, they seem to write like they have more hair than they did before. This is not the case. What we do is simply hair from the areas of the head that are not as likely to be effected by DHT. This is not to say that the hair can not be effected by DHT, it's just not as likely. We can do this in a way to create a more full looking head of hair. Keep in mind you DO NOT get additional or even NEW hair. It is your same hair, just relocated to another part of your head. By doing this we can drastically someone's overall look if the conditions are right.


Unfortunately, the majority of clinics will work on patients where these conditions are not right and will do nothing but lead you down a road of many hair transplant procedures and a battle that you can not win. You need to realize that medication is a must for someone who is going to do a hair transplant. If you are losing your hair it is because of the effects of DHT. You need to help block this chemical from attacking your hair. Propecia is a common choice for this. However, Propecia does not absolutely stop all hair from falling out. Again, what you have today is the most you will ever have. Propecia and other drugs do a good job at slowing down the effects of DHT, but you will continue to lose hair as you age. Don't believe me? Look at those who have had great success with hair transplants. Ask them how many hair transplants they have had. It is not typically just one, two, or even three. This is because hair will continue to fall out and we will have to touch up areas in order to keep a desired look.


Perhaps the most aggravating thing I see on this board is doctors who treat patients who are not even on any type of medication for hair loss. This is setting a patient up for failure while lining their pockets with patient for life. A patient should be on medication for a good amount of time, typically a year, in order to see if the medication actually helps and that they don't experience the highly undesirable side effects that can be associated with these drugs. If the patient is having good results and no side effects then they should be looked as far as current hair loss, expectations, future hair loss based on family genetics, ect. These are all things that are going to be huge factors in deciding if someone is a good candidate. Rarely these topics are fully discussed with patients.


There is often pressure placed on some clinic workers in order to just get a down payment and move on. This should throw up a red flag for the patient. You have probably noticed that doctors seem to have better results then you run of the mill clinics. Doctors have a reputation on the line that sticks with them for life. A clinic that uses multple doctors as if they are inter changable does not have much to lose because they can always change their name and move on. Bosely is/was famous for this method. The doctor who works closely with a staff and patient is always your best bet.


To sum it up for those considering a hair transplant:

You are not getting more hair, just relocated hair.

You will continue to lose hair with or without medication.

Medication does work, but not for everyone and can bring bad side effects.

Medication slows down hair loss, but it will not permantely regrow hair or give you a higher hair count.

Doing a hair transplant at a young age will always result in additional hair transplants in the future due to continued natural and DHT hair loss.

The hair that is transplanted will not likely EVER fall out, but without supporting hair around the transplanted hairs it will not look good.

Doctors who have a lot to lose by having bad results are much more safe then the random clinics that pop up using a mix bag of surgeons.

Promotions or typical sales gimmicks should be a red flag. This is a surgery with permant results, not a furniture store.

Reputation is everything. No reputation is sometimes worse than a bad reputation. Only talk to those who have a high number of patient advocates that are not on the pay roll.



These are just my opinions based on my experience. I am not a doctor. But I do have a lot of knowledge in the field from both working in it and from receiving a hair transplant myself. I hate seeing lives ruined over what I consider a growing population of people trying to make money off this growing trend.


Yes, the surgery techniques are much more pleasing these days, but I have yet to hear of a doctor that can transplant hair without leaving a scar regardless of method. Don't let a technition sell you this procedure. If the doctor is worth his weight, then he or she will be the one talking to you about the risk vs. rewards.


Hope this information helped someone out there. The most important suggestion I can leave you with is plan for the future. As far as my knowledge, this website seems to be one of the best out there as far as credible information and the majority of it comes from unbiased sources.


Good luck friends.

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