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A crown FUE, looking for advice

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First poster. I have written my story in my profile, but just in case I am also including it below.


I am 33. with IIIV, with vertex being the area of highest priority. My hair is thin all over on the top but I have some clearly balding spot on the vertex. It is hard to find examples of people like me who have done HT with focus on the crown.


I fully understand that the vertex eats up more grafts but this is the area that bothers me most. I need to discuss my options with a TOP doctor.



I am searching for a top FUE doctor, who is willing to talk to me honestly, does not mind working with a curious guy who asks questions, and who has a scientific approach: I need to have an estimate of the number of grafts available for transplant in order to decide how many to use for my crown.


I have an average number of donor density but above average thickness and above average quality of grafts based on my last HT (which you can read about below).


Can't doctors easily produce these days an estimate of the density in my donor area, and accordingly an estimate of the donor supply? Then I will need an estimate of how much is needed to achieve the desired results.


Not too hard, but somehow not all doctors are that patient.


I am seeking doctor recommendations. The offices of top surgeons can feel free to contact me directly.


I am thinking of: Feller or Shapiro. But maybe I am missing some important names.


Please let me know your thoughts.


Much appreciated and thanks for this amazing forum (I read through and I can see the commitment to improve the HT experience for all of us).









----- MY STORY FROM MY PROFILE ------------------


Started thinning 10 years ago, was 24. Was most aggressive in the crown, and still is. I had an HT of 700 grafts FUE in the crown, in 2010. Added some coverage, but not sufficient. I did not want to go to a more aggressive procedure, partly because I did not want to shave head. Now I am OK shaving (although unhappy about it).


I have always seen crown balding (vertex) as much less cosmetically acceptable than frontal recession. I have both and while I do dislike the frontal recession I find my bald spot extremely annoying.


I am an educated patient and looking for the following in an HT surgeon:


- Someone who has established an excellent reputation both in terms of results and communication with/understanding of patients.


- someone who can show me cases similar to mine, with successful crown HT results. I am also considering some frontal HT.


- Communication and decisions based on hard facts is key. I need an evaluation based on estimate of hair count/density and the characteristics of my hair. Here are some background info that would be very useful:


1- My previous HT surgeon said my grafts are of excellent quality for FUE. He said he was "amazed".

2- My donor density is on the average side or even a bit below. However I have thick black hair in the back/sides that create a lot of volume. I think that is a big compensating factor, but how big is for the Doc to tell.

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Thanks a lot for this link. Unfortunately I can only see the first page of hits. There are some good work out there. If you have seen any crown by Feller or Shapiro please let me know.


I have taken some pictures, not of good quality, I used flash in all but one and well.. i look horrible in these compared to real life but well.


My DONOR hair is described by a HT surgeon who saw me as:


average/low density





I hope I have the option of taking out these pictures when i am done with this discussion (right?)











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