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FUE or FUT. Need Help.

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Before I go on, I want to say I have been doing extensive research these last 8 months. I've decided to go with Dr. True & Dorin after meeting with Dr. True on two seperate occasions.


He said I will need about 1600 grafts. I have apretty bad receding hairline, and my crown is very thin and a bald spot is really starting to form. Besides that, using Toppik has concealed that and I've been putting my front hair to the side.


Anyway, I am ready to make an appointment with Dr. dorin, but am TORN between FUT and FUE. I don't plan on shaving my head in the future (which is why I plan on surgery) and I never have had a pure crew cut in my entire life. I don't mind my hair being longer in the back and having the scar, which from Dr. Dorin's work, seems to be very hidden beneath the hair.


I also have read that with FUE, if I go forward with a second procedure in the future, the grafts will not be as good as with FUT.



Can I have some opinions please whoever has used Dr. Dorin or Dr. True, or anyone who has had a hair transplant and which they used.


I've been very depressed for over a year about my hair, and I think I just need to take the plunge, but it's a big step.

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here you go.


My torn issue is thatb I am 28... and I can fill in my frontal hairline... which may be anywhere from 1000-1200 grafts. The Dr. advised to not dense the crown area too much to avoid using up my donner area. I am in a bindy siutation, because my crown area bothers me, but I presume to lose more hair into the future...



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Are you on meds? What's your family history of loss?

I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a Scalp Micropigmentation Company in the New York area. AHEAD INK is a Milena Lardi trained clinic and uses Beauty Medical Tricopigmentation equipment and products exclusively.

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Hi danznconfzd


I don't know an awful lot about Dr. True & Dorin however I have had 2 FUT surgeries and 1 FUE surgery. One of my FUT surgeries was with a very well known surgeon (I prefer not to name him on public forums) but after going through both experiences I can say without doubt in my case I would not have had FUT with the benefit of hindsight. I doubt back when I was deciding to have my first FUT that I would have listened to any nay sayers because I really wanted to go ahead and FUE was not available back then. I had the second because of the familiarity but after having FUE I'm kicking myself that I now have a second pointless FUT scar which can be seen even through long hair (my hair in quite fine).


In my opinion it is a no brainer - far easier , painless recovery, no large scar, no stiches/staples, an increased donor area and less limitation for another procedure in the future (if needed). For example I could not have had another FUT because of the scar tissue left but FUE enabled the surgeon to work around the scars in random pattern above and below the scarring, selecting the best quality grafts I had left.


It's great that you have made the decision to be proactive - just research research research before you decide to make the best decision for you. Once you have an FUT scar you're left with it - for me I know of no benefit of FUT which outweighs having the scar. We all know FUT is easier work for the surgeon - it only takes around 15mins to extract the strip and close the wound so the surgeon doesn't have to spend hours doing the extraction. That cuts down on surgery time, staff time, overall, money. Having said that, many FUE surgeons leave techs to do the extraction also - if you go for FUE ask your surgeons about this - in my case I had two surgeons working on me doing extraction due to the scarring - again, ask your surgeon plenty of questions about how they operate both types of procedure.


Feel free to ask me anything you would like about either procedure if my experience can help you in anyway.


Best of luck buddy

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Sure nice to hear from someone who has had both FUT and FUE. Thank you for sharing.


I had FUT 3 years ago with excellent results. However the area in the front of my reconstructed hairline is rather thin now, so I am planning a second procedure to fill in the area.


My concern with FUE is the 10% loss of harvested hair follicles. FUT has a much lower loss.

Is this something I should be that concerned with? Other than this higher loss, FUE seems like the better way to go. The recovery from my FUT was not fun, but I could deal with it for a higher survival rate. Just hate the idea of throwing away 5% more of the grafts using FUE vs. FUT.


I have read that robotic FUE (ARTAS) has a higher survival rate, but only a 1mm punch vs. .09 or .08 of manual FUE, so more scaring.


Sure would like to get the boards opinion on this.


Thank you!

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