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Starting to Worry

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Hello all,


I got a FUT transplant done roughly 7 months ago and I am starting to freak out that it is not as dense as I would hope. I realize I should wait a full 12 months before I can make a full judgement call on it, however I wanted to get some of your opinions.


I started losing hair around 18 years old (25 now) and it has been a slow progression until this year where it starting to thin at a more rapid pace.


I got:


1207 FU

474 MFU

Totaling: 5500


The 5500 are covering the whole head (excluding the crown)


Gauging by the pics is this something i should worry about. It is awfully thin at the moment and I really hope it thickens up to at least twice the density it is now.


I have included 5 photos:


Pre op front and top

Wet hair combed forward

Dry hair combed back taken from the front

Dry hair combed back taken from the top


Thank you for your help!






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Here is an update:


Earlier this year I went back and got an additional 1,650 grafts


25% 1 hair grafts

50% 2 hair grafts

25% 3 hair grafts


It is looking pretty good dry. When it is wet it looks kinda bad, but I have a feeling there is not a whole lot I can do about that (unless I keep getting huge amounts of grafts put in)


The only other issue I have so far is the scar. I may have done it to myself. I didn't have any visible scar after the first surgery, so after I had the second one I felt like I could go back to excersising after 5-6 days. I am not sure if that contributed to the large scar. I did notice that when I returned to the clinic after two weeks to have the stitches removed that 75% of the stitches had popped out. Anyone else have any other theories?


I am wondering if I should try to have the scar surgically removed and stick with FUE from now on. Any suggestions?









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